Snow! by Melissa Winters

Bring a little snow everywhere you go with this adorable charm by Melissa Winters. Learn how to tint ICE Resin® with white to create the base for these little snowman bezels, then create faces with paint pens, making a great snowy pendant.


I watched “White Christmas” recently and I love all the songs.  One that has been playing on a loop in my head is “Snow”.  With a spade of snow, I’ll build a man of snow.  So, I built my own snowman. 

Snow! Step 1

Step 1: Begin with the Cabby Round Silver and Cabby Rectangle Silver Bezels from Ice Resin.  Next mix Resin according to package instructions.  After mixing, add a small amount of white acrylic paint.  Only a small amount is needed and if you add too much, the Resin will not cure properly.  Pour white resin into bezels and allow to sit overnight.  

Snow! Step 2

Step 2: The next day use an acrylic paint pen and draw on your snowman face.   

Snow! Step 3

Step 3: While this is drying, take Tim Holtz paper dolls and cut the hat off the man.   The curve on this hat will fit perfectly against the bezel.   

Snow! Step 4

Step 4: I decided to darken my hat with a marker.   

Snow! Step 5

Step 5: Use an orange paint marker to add a carrot nose. Next, mix another small batch of ICE Resin.  Once mixed, use a disposable paint brush to seal the snowman face with a layer of resin.   

Snow! Step 6

Step 6: For extra sparkle, brush on another thin layer of resin to the bezel and add a glitter snowflake and small mylar letters that spell “SNOW”.  Allow to cure for three days.   

Snow! Step 7

Step 7: I added a stainless-steel jump ring and chain to complete the look.  This cute snowman faces makes my heart sing.  




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