Texture Treads UTEE Necklace by Debbie Tlach

Create a lovely heart shaped necklace with Melt Art UTEE and Texture Treads!


(1) Pour Clear UTEE into the Melting Pot. Add a pinch or 2 (about 1/8 of a teaspoon) of Berry Twist Perfect Pearls and let melt.

(2) Make a heart mold by mixing the entire contents of both jars of Mold-n-Pour together and shaping into a ball. Flatten with a piece of plastic to a little over ¼” depth. Place Cookie Cutter in the center and push down. (If desired, carefully pull up the excess Mold-N-Pour from the center of the cookie cutter and make a mold using a button or other small object.) Following package directions, let mold set up for about 7 minutes. Remove the cookie cutter from the mold.

(3) Carefully use a single edge razor to slice into the portion of mold that protrudes into the center about .10” from the bottom to a depth of ¼ inch.

(4) Insert jump ring into the slit (see photo below).

Texture Treads UTEE Necklace Craft Project Instructions

(5) Place Scalloped Lace or Mod Swirls Texture Tread face up on Craft Sheet. Place heart mold (containing jump ring) on Texture Tread.

(6) Add a drop of Garnet Heat It Ink into the melted UTEE and stir gently.

(7) Quickly and carefully, pour melted UTEE into the center of the heart, so UTEE fills the mold and embeds the jump ring. Let cool.

(8) Peel the Texture Tread off the UTEE and pop the UTEE out of the mold. The jump ring should be embedded in the UTEE.

(9) Open another jump ring with pliers and place the tassle on.

(10) Cut a length of black ribbon about 30” and thread it through the tassle jump ring, then through the jump ring embedded in the UTEE heart. Tie a knot over the jump rings, tying them together. Then tie a knot with a bow at the ends to make a necklace.

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