This is Life Burlap Panel by Nicole Wright

by Nicole Wright


Hey everyone, Nicole here and I’m thrilled to be sharing my Burlap Canvas with you.

I started off with the Vintage Cabinet Card and mirrored sheets.  Once cut apply a layer of glue n’ seal and dry completely.  When the glue is dry I added a layer of clear rock candy distress.  Set aside to dry and crack.  While that’s drying I can start adding texture paste to the canvas.

I grabbed my tiles and tracks stencils and applied texture paste around my burlap canvas.  By adding it randomly you create points of texture.  This is a great way to add a layer.    Once the texture paste is dry I inked with vintage photo and fossilized amber distress inks.

I love inking my embellishments.  I cut the Alpha Framed sentiment “This is Life” and inked with Antique Linen Distress Paint.  You can heat set this but you need to be careful.  Too much heat and the alpha frame will curl.  When the distress paint is dry for the most part take a paper towel and rub off some of the distress paint.  This gives a worn look.  Time to ink the hardware…  I removed the clip so the burlap won’t get ink on it.

A great way to age metal is using alcohol inks.  By combining stream, meadow and slate I created the start of a vintage patina.  Once the metal is coated add some snow cap for a weathered copper effect.

I worked the snow cap over the metal for this pretty green effect.  Next, I added teakwood for a rusty clip.  The green base and brown rusty look create a great weathered metal clip.  By now the vintage cabinet is dry and cracked.  Before putting the teakwood away I applied it over the crackle.  This gives a warm base and shows off the crackle.

One of my favorite techniques is color tinting with distress markers.  I love these 3 from the Idea-Ology Found Relatives.  Color the card where you want the ink then smudge with a cotton tip smoothing out the marker.  This is when you cover the card completely with packing tape.

I cut the background out then dip them in water for about 10 min.  A little tip, I put a bottle of hand sanitizer to weigh the image down.   The paper backing starts to separate from the packing tape and you can slowly peel.  Leaving you with the photo tinted image.  I like this technique because I prefer the softer transparent image.  There will be some holes in the image and this adds to a vintage look.

To adhere the image, apply an even layer of glue n’ seal.  Then place it to the crackled vintage cabinet.

I just got Distress Micro Glaze and trust me, you’ll want it too.  Here’s where you can use your distress inks, stamp and distress without the image bleeding.  I inked the sentiment with walnut stain distress ink, stamped, waited for a moment then with very little distress micro glaze you coat the stamped area.

I heat set for a moment then buffed gently.  Here’s where it gets cool.  Ink with the same walnut stain distress ink, spritz with water (normally this is where your sentiment would bleed away) then dry again.  Your image will be intact while the distress ink around it will be… well distressed.

This is where you can have fun adding your embellishments.

You can see how great the image layers with the crackled mirror sheet.  All the holes create a great vintage look.  The sentiment is perfectly matched to the ink without bleeding away.  That metal clip looks worn and old and the perfect spot for the distress painted Alpha Frame This is Life.

All the layers of stenciled texture paste and inking is a great foundation.

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