Using Dylusions for Bullet Journaling by Josefine Fourage

Hi, and welcome to a new tutorial. This is Josefine and today I’m sharing something new for me. I recently started a bullet journal and was curious if you could use your mixed media supplies to create new spreads. For those of you who don’t know what a bullet journal is, it’s a calendar, to-do list, reminder, diary, everything you want it to be. Essentially, it’s a notebook that you can totally customize.


Right now, I’m in the process of creating a variety of spreads for 2019. Year overview, holiday overview, birthday’s, goals, etc and for this tutorial, I’m sharing my “birthdays 2019” page with you.

Step 1: I used a bullet journal with rather thick paper to make sure that it can handle all the paint. Still, I gessoed the page with clear gesso. Then I spread some light colors all over the background using a silicone brush.

Step 2: For the next layer, I used the same colors. First, I brayered them on top of the round Gel Plate and then pressed that on top of the Sugar Lumps stencil. This way I got a partial impression. In addition, I cleaned the Gel Plate on the page to add a few more circles to it.

Step 3: To repeat the pattern throughout the page, I blended some more Dylusions paint through the same stencil.

Step 4: The background was a little too busy, so I toned it down by brayering Vanilla Custard onto the page. First plain, then mixed with White Linen to lighten it up even further.

Step 5: Once I liked the way the background looked, I moved on to the borders. I used the stencil from the Leaf Border Stamp and Stencil set and blended Pure Sunshine through it. Make sure the stencil shows the right side facing up – the one that says “Front.”

Step 6: Then I stamped the Leaf stamp on top of it.

Step 7: Time to setup the calendar. The Creative Dyary Stamp Set 1 has the perfect small month stamps that I stamped about 3cm (approx. 1.2”) apart from each other. I added all my birthdays and a few lines underneath the months and between them. I also converted the lines between the months into a black and white striped flower using the Dy-Cuts 5.

Step 8: The flower felt a little lonely, so I added a bottom border using the small Heart Border stencil and White Linen paint.

Step 9: Then I doodled a little more. The new Letter It fineliners are perfect for exactly that.

How do you like my 2019 birthday overview? I think I like bullet journaling even more now. The ability to use my Dylusions supplies for this as well makes it so much more fun!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and might be interested in bullet journaling as well – or, if you already have one, try using your Dylusions supplies for it.

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