Using ICE Resin® on Paper

ICE Resin® on Paper


Step 1:Working on your craft sheet, ensure that your workspace is clear and flat.

Step 2: Mix your ICE Resin®. Follow the instructions for How to use ICE Resin®

Step 3: Pour the ICE Resin® out onto your paper selection and wipe it all over with a sponge, making sure you fully coat and cover the whole page. Spread the ICE Resin® into a thick or a thin layer depending on your preference, letting the ICE Resin® really soak into the paper.

Step 4: Turn paper over and apply ICE Resin® to the other side. Cover the entire page all the way to the edges with your sponge.

Step 5: Allow paper to dry thoroughly. Leave your pieces to dry for 6-10 hours. When dry, peel it off of the plastic. Your beautifully preserved paper is ready to use for whatever you’d like!

Step 6: Clean Up – Discard the sponge, gloves, mixing cup and stir stick.

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