UTEE Donut Necklace By Bonnie Egenton

Make a beautiful beaded donut necklace with the look of faux stone using opaque and tinted UTEE with the Melting Pot®!


(1) Set up both Melting Pots, starting with Clear UTEE in both. Tint one of the Melting Pots with 2-3 drops of Sapphire To Dye For. Blend well, but slowly with spatula. Remember: too much stirring causes air bubbles in the UTEE.

(2) In the second Melting Pot, melt some Clear UTEE. Add Black UTEE. Stir gently.

(3) Sprinkle in a pinch of White and a pinch of Platinum. Let melt. Do not stir – you want the colors to stay marbled.

(4) Pour from the Clear Melting Pot into the Opaque Melting Pot. Do not stir.

(5) Carefully pour out mixture from the mixed Melting Pot into the mini donut molds. Pour in a circular motion to create a marbled look.

(6) Let UTEE donuts cool. Pop out of mold.

(7) Knot UTEE donut onto leather cording and string with glass beads. Tie ends of leather cording into knot for closure.

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