UTEE Rosebud Ring Make-It-Take-It, CHA Summer 2011 By Debbie Tlach

UTEE Rosebud Ring Make-It-Take-It,
CHA Summer 2011

  • Vintaj Natural Brass Company Diamond Trellis Filigree
  • Ring mandrel
  • Bale making pliers
  • Tweezers


(1) Make mold of Rose Fanciful Accoutrement by following instructions on Mold-N-Pour packaging.

(2) Pour Clear UTEE into the Melting Pot. Cover and let melt.

(3) Sprinkle in three pinches of white UTEE and mix.

(4) Add a drop of Heat It Ink into the UTEE and gently stir with the spatula. Add more drops as needed stirring gently in between until color is achieved.

(5) Pour Melted UTEE into mold.

(6) Wait for UTEE to harden just slightly and use tweezers to place head of the brad into the UTEE (about 50-60 seconds.) Hold with the brad in the UTEE with the tweezers until the brad hardens enough to stand alone.

(7) Center the filigree on the ring mandrel and bend each end upward to create a U- shaped bend.

(8) Remove from ring mandrel. Finish the curve of the ring by gently crimping down with the bale making pliers following the curve of the bale.

(9) Insert brad through an opening in the center of the filigree ring base. Separate and bend the fastener ends flush to the filigree base until secure.

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