Vintaj Patinas Three Little Birds Necklace

Learn how to achieve a beautiful patina finish using Vintaj’s Aged Pewter Effect technique.


1. Working on the Non-Stick Craft Sheet, brush a light coat of Nouveau Silver patina onto Diving Sparrow. Rub in with a paper towel to get into all the curves and fine detail of the bird.

2. Use the white side of the Metal Reliefing Block and lightly sand the surface to highlight some of the raised areas.

3. Heat set with Heat Tool.

4. Mix 1 part Verdigris and 1 part Jade patina with 3 parts Glaze. Apply with brush and wipe off the excess with a paper towel to give it an aged appearance.

5. Heat set.

(Need a total of 3 birds) – See, Vintaj Metallic Patina: AGED PEWTER Effect technique video for above Patina steps.

6. Use 1.5mm Hole Punch Pliers to add a hole near the bird’s beak. Punch from the back side of bird to avoid pliers from slipping out of place.

7. Use Flush Cutters to cut an 18” piece of Ball Chain. Lay chain flat in a horizontal line on your work table. Use 2 Chain Nose Pliers to attach birds to Ball Chain with 5.25mm Jump Rings. Start with the center bird, attach wing first then attach beak. Next attach the two remaining birds, equal distance on either side.

8. Use Flush Cutters to cut an 18” piece of 24gauge Natural Brass Wire. Use your fingers to wrap & secure a ¼ inch of wire around the ball chain approximately a ½ inch above the left bird.

9. String a small faceted glass bead or crystal to the wire and then wrap wire around next ball link in chain. Continue to add a bead and wrap around next ball link, alternating your bead and crystal colors and sizes until you’ve gone past a ½” up from the last bird on the right. Wrap & secure a ¼” of plain wire to finish the strand. Use Flush Cutters to trim off any extra length of wire.

10. Simply attach the Ball Chain Clasp to the ends of chain and you have completed your necklace.

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