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Archival Ink™ Designer Series: Wendy Vecchi

Wendy and Ranger have partnered together to develop a custom palette of Designer Series Archival Ink. Archival Inks provide long lasting results and are permanent on many surfaces. Create crisp, waterproof stamped images that won’t bleed when used with water-based inks. With a color palette taking inspiration from a vintage country garden this new Designer Series is sure to complement the Archival Ink line.

  • 15 colors available in standard #0 sized ink pads
  • Matching reinkers available
Archival Ink Pad
Download a Color Chart (*.pdf)
Download a Label Sheet (*.pdf)
Tea Rose Buttercup Sky Blue
Tea Rose Buttercup Sky Blue
#0 Pad AID45663 AID45632 AID45656
Reinker ARD45915 ARD45885 ARD45908
New! New! New!
AID41399 Dandelion Leaf Green
Carnation Red Dandelion Leaf Green
#0 Pad AID41399 AID41405 AID41436
Reinker ARD41450 ARD41467 ARD41498
Forget-Me-Not Hydrangea Tree Branch
Forget-Me-Not Hydrangea Tree Branch
#0 Pad AID41412 AID41429 AID41443
Reinker ARD41474 ARD41481 ARD41504
AID38955 AID38962 AID38986
Cornflower Blue Fern Green Orange Blossom
#0 Pad AID38955 AID38962 AID38986
Reinker ARD39013 ARD39020 ARD39044
AID38979 AID38993 ARD39068
Potting Soil Red Geranium Watering Can
#0 Pad AID38979 AID38993 AID39006
Reinker ARD39037 ARD39051 ARD39068