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Melt Art Clear Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel™

Ranger Clear Ultra Thick Embossing Powder currently available.

Jumbo size jars of Clear UTEE! For paper, fiber and decorative arts. Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel™ (UTEE) is a specially formulated, large particle embossing powder. Use a heat tool to produce textured embossing. For one-of-a-kind art and jewelry, melt UTEE in Ranger’s Melting Pot®. Pour into molds to create 3-D artifacts or dip to coat a variety of objects.

• Acid free
• Available in 1 lb. jar, 8 oz. jar, and 4 oz. jar.

1lbsClear-UTEE-250x250 1 lb. - SUZ11446

8ozClear-UTEE-250x250 8 oz. - SUZ09283

Clear-UTEE-250x250 4 oz. - SUZ09290