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ICE Resin®

ICE Resin® is a Jeweler’s Grade, naturally doming, self-leveling & healing, crystal clear resin. Ice Resin® is a 2-part epoxy resin: Part A is the Resin. It has a slightly blue tint. Part B is the hardener. It has a very slight yellow tint. Part A and Part B must be poured with a one-to-one ratio and mixed gently but thoroughly for ICE Resin to dry and cure properly. You may wear your jewelry as soon as ICE Resin® is dry to the touch.


  • Available in 25ml plunger singles, an 8 oz. kit, a 16 oz. refill,
    a 32 oz. refill and a 64 oz. refills
  • A 2-part epoxy resin for permanent and unique jewelry making
  • Use with ICE Resin® Iced Enamels® and Iced Enamels® Medium
    for Cold Enameling techniques
 Ice Resin Plunger

Ice Resin® 25ml Plunger Singles

Ice Resin 8oz Kit

Ice Resin® 8 oz. Kit
(4 oz. Resin, 4 oz. Hardener, Mixing cups & sticks)


Ice Resin 16oz Refill

Ice Resin® 16 oz. Refill
(8 oz. Resin, 8 oz. Hardener)


Ice Resin 32oz Refill

Ice Resin® 32 oz. Refill
(16 oz. Resin, 16 oz. Hardener)


Ice Resin 64oz Refill

Ice Resin® 64 oz. Refill
(32 oz. Resin, 32 oz. Hardener)