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Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel™ (UTEE™)

Published on: February 12th, 2012 8:41 PM Posted in: Tips and Techniques

Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel™ (UTEE™)

Materials List

Ultra Thick Embossing Enamels (UTEE) are large particle embossing powder for Melt Art® projects and heat embossed paper projects.


How do I use it?

• Use in the Melting Pot™ – Melt UTEE and dip surfaces such as chipboard into the pot.
• Use in the Melting Pot – melt and pour UTEE out of the pot onto the Non-Stick Craft Sheet or into Mold N
Pour™ prepared molds.
• Use in the Melting Pot – melt and pour UTEE out of the pot onto the Non-Stick Craft Sheet and press a
stamp into it. Let cool and peel off for a great textured embellishment.
• Use with the Ranger Heat It Craft Tool and Embossing Ink to stamp and emboss an image or
cover an entire surface area.

Types of UTEE:
A variety of UTEE formulas for all your Melt Art creations!

• Used on its own, Clear has a slightly amber hue. The translucency allows for stamped images, decorative
paper, and photos layered beneath it to show through.
• Use with To Dye For heat resistant colorants to create translucent candy-colored embellishments.
• Mix with other colors (opaque, metallic or pearlized colors) of UTEE for endless combinations.
• Use with stamps to create great textural looks.
• Use Clear to extend opaque colors of UTEE.

White & Black
• Use these opaque shades on their own for striking projects.
• Add Clear to extend the rich pigments in opaque colors further as a Black or White goes a long way.
• Sprinkle small amounts of Black or White to add faux stone looks to other colors .

Bronze, Gold, Platinum
• Get the look of cool metals—melt each color by itself.
• Swirl together for a wonderful metallic effect.
• Sprinkle into other colors to add just a touch of metallic.

• Use by itself for the classic pearlized look.
• Sprinkle into Clear, opaque or metal colors to add pearlescence.