Class in Session by Ranger: Art Journaling with Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley

Class in Session by Ranger: Art Journaling with Dylusions


Ranger Class in Session Dylusions

Art Journaling is the practice of creating a visual diary. It's a place to record feelings, emotions and memories as well as explore creativity. Art Journals often combine thoughts and words with imagery and other visual elements. The Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley line provides the right tools and products for exploring the creative world of art journaling. In this Class in Session, you will learn about the art journaling products and tools within the Dylusions line but also the passion Dylusions creator, Dyan Reaveley has for this art form. 

Dylusions Art Journal Page

Did you know?
  • Art Journaling is an excellent tool for sparking creativity but can also be therapeutic. It is proven to relief stress and provide a greater sense of self awareness and empowerment. 
  • You can use virtually any medium to art journal. Journals are not limiting and are a great place to explore and experiment with new mediums, techniques and creative ideas.
  • There are no rules! There is no right or wrong way to art journal! It's all about self expression. 

The Art of Dyan Reaveley

A look inside the Art of Dyan Reaveley
Dyan's passion for art began with folk art painting on flower pots and glassware. Her hobby quickly turned into a career when she began teaching painting classes at a local craft store and then eventually from her home.  Later, Dyan used art journaling as a way to cope with mental illness. Combining collage with journaling and doodling, Dyan used art to express her emotional struggles and inner most feelings. Dyan's original ledger journal would become the inspiration behind the Dylusions product line.  Some of this original artwork can be seen in her limited edition coffee table book, The Art of Dyan Reaveley

Known for her use of vibrant, bold colors and juxtaposition of unique imagery, Dyan's artwork has evolved over time. As her life and career became busier, Dyan realized she could no longer strive for the same perfection she once did when painting folk art.  She realized that she'd rather create then be restricted by achieving perfection. The freer her art became, the more popular she became. Dyan often says that she does not teach art. She teaches confidence, empowerment and permission- the foundations of art journaling. 

Tools for Art Journaling

Dylusions Tools and Mediums for Art Journaling

Dylusions Creative Journal
The Dylusions Creative Journal is the perfect basis for art journaling. Available in 8 various sizes and surfaces, these blank journals feature matte heavyweight cardstock ideal for the application of various inks, paints and mediums. Creative Journals are an excellent blank canvas to let your creativity and imagination run wild. 

Dylusions Inks and Mediums
The Dylusions line of craft mediums includes Ink Sprays, Paints, Shimmer Sprays and Stamping Inks.  Inspired by Dyan's love of bright and bold colors, this collection of colorants contains a full range of gorgeous colors to make any art journal page pop! 

Dylusions Ink Sprays are a dye colorant specially designed for porous surfaces. These highly concentrated inks are perfect for layering together in the Creative Journals to create backgrounds, spraying through stencils and more. Use with a paintbrush or a waterbrush filled with ink to color in images and achieve various watercolor effects.  The Dylusions Shimmer Sprays are a luminous blend of the same concentrated dye colorants found in Ink Sprays and pearlescent pigment powders. 

Dylusions Paints are specially formulated to Dyan's specifications with Art Journaling in mind. These versatile acrylic paints, blend easily with a Ranger Mini Ink Blending Tool or baby wipe for beautifully blended backgrounds. The quick dry time makes journaling and doodling fast and easy. Dylusions Paints accept all types of writing inks without clogging the tip!  The Dylusions Paint Pens are the perfect tools for doodling and writing in your Creative Journal.  The fine, valve action tips are perfect for writing and doodling on a variety of surfaces and over Paint and Ink Sprays. 

Not sure which Dylusions colors work best together? In this video, Dyan shares the color theory behind her palette and offers a guide to help in choosing the perfect colors for your art journal page! You can download the color theory guide here

Stamps & Stencils 
Add layers of interest and create focal points with Dylusions Stamp and Stencils. Dylusions Stencils are a combination of bold images, silhouettes and repeating patterns perfect for tracing, doodling and colorizing with Dylusions mediums. Layer and combine for endless creative possibilities. The assortment of Dylusions Stamps include a variety of imagery hand drawn by Dyan. Inspired by her collaged images, Dyan's stamp art includes a collection of quirky characters, snarky sayings and graphic elements. Mix & Match designs and create your own artistic style. 

How to Art Journal

Dylusions Classes How to Art JournalNot sure where to begin? Be sure to check out these in-depth series of classes, How to Art Journal the Dylusions Way and Art Journaling Ideas & Inspiration. Dyan Reaveley shares all you need to know about Art Journaling with Dylusions from getting started with the basics to advanced tips and techniques. 

Ideas & Inspiration

Dyan Reaveley Ideas and Inspiration

For inspiration, education, product announcements and more be sure to follow Dyan Reaveley on Instagram @dyanreaveley, Facebook- Dyan Reaveley - Dylusions and check out her blog here.

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