Class in Session by Ranger: Wendy Vecchi MAKE ART STAY-tion™

Class in Session by Ranger Wendy Vecchi Make Art Stay-tion

Wendy Vecchi MAKE ART Stay-tion™ is an all-in-one magnetic surface for stenciling, aligning, embossing, and creating! This 12” x 12” magnetic crafting surface features a printed grid and includes four brushed aluminum magnets and a flexible, magnetic centering ruler.  

Wendy Vecchi Make Art Stay-tion

Did you know?
  • The Wendy Vecchi Make Art STAY-tion™ is not a substitute for the Ranger Non-Stick Craft Sheet. Ink, Paint and other wet techniques especially techniques using Archival Inks or other permanent inks are best used on a Ranger Craft Sheet.  A Craft Sheet can be used directly over the STAY-tion and held in place with the magnets to protect the STAY-tion surface.  You can purchase a pre-cut 9" x 9" craft sheet under the ICE Resin brand here
  • The brushed aluminum magnets have a foam insert. This means magnet can be pulled apart easily if stuck together, they will not pinch fingers and they won’t break! 
  • The Wendy Vecchi Make Art STAY-tion™ is great for on-the-go creating. Whether in the car or on your lap in the family room, the all-in-one magnetic surface will hold your project in place. No more slipping and sliding pieces!
  • The STAY-tion™ is a fun surface for kids, too! Magnetic letters, numbers and shapes can be used on the STAY-tion™.

Wendy Vecchi Make Art Staytion StencilingStenciling 
Line up the card base on the grid and use the magnets to securely hold the surface and stencil in place. The magnets are strong enough to hold both layers in place. No more slipping and sliding stencils! With everything held in place, it's easy to apply ink through the stencil or add paints and mediums. 

Wendy Vecchi Make Art Staytion AligningAligning
Place the card on the grid and secure with magnets. Line up the magnetic ruler and place layered elements or sentiments along the straight edge for perfect alignment, centering, and layering.

Wendy Vecchi Make Art EmbossingEmbossing 
Use magnets to secure a 9" Craft Sheet to the Stay-tion™ for the perfect heat embossing surface.  Use caution as the magnetic surface will be hot! Allow to cool before handling. 

Wendy Vecchi Make Art Staytion CreatingCreating
Use the magnets to hold a card or surface in place. Easily add and arrange multiple layers, diecuts, accents and embellishments without the project shifting.  When die cutting, pop the loose dies onto the magnets to keep track of them. The dies will stick to the magnets.  No lost dies!

Do's & Dont's

  • Do use a Ranger Non-Stick Craft Sheet on top of the STAY-tion when using Archival or other permanent Inks, Paint, and wet techniques. 
  • Do clean water-based dye ink from STAY-tion™ with water & a soft cloth. 
  • Do heat emboss on a Ranger Non-Stick Craft Sheet.
  • Do NOT use Ink Cleaners or harsh cleansers to clean the STAY-tion™.
  • Do NOT leave adhesive backed items, cling stamps or other sticky surfaces on the STAY-tion
  • Do NOT touch the STAY-tion™ immediately after heat embossing. 

How to Clean
Wipe Dye Inks and water-based craft mediums off of the STAY-tion™ with a damp cloth and a mild detergent.  We do NOT recommend using stamp cleaners harsh detergents on the STAY-tion™.  We strongly urge you to place a Ranger Non-Stick Craft Sheet on top of the STAY-tion while using Archival or other permanent inks, Paints and other non-water-based mediums. 


In this video, Ranger Signature Designer, Wendy Vecchi introduces her Make Art STAY-tion™ at the 2019 Creativation Tradeshow. Wendy shares the inspiration behind creating this all-in-one magnetic tool.

Learn more about the Wendy Vecchi Make Art STAY-tion™

Ranger Wendy Vecchi Make Art STAY-tion

  • Wendy Vecchi is the signature designer behind the MAKE Art STAY-tion™. Follow her on Instagram @wendyvecchi for daily inspiration, tips, and techniques using her line of Stamps, Stencils, Inks and Diecuts. See how her card making ideas come to life with the help of the Make Art STAY-tion™.
  • Want to take a class with Wendy Vecchi?  Join her in this Facebook LIVE video where she announces her upcoming workshop schedule including a 2-day weekend event at Ranger.  You'll also see how she uses an in-lay masking technique on cards along with the Make Art STAY-tion™.
  • Want to learn all about ways to use Wendy Vecchi's products including how to create magic with the Make Art STAY-tion™?  Check out the MAKE ART with Wendy Vecchi class series at
  • In this video tutorial, Kelly Kronowski shares how she uses the Make Art STAY-tion™ to heat emboss die-cut card elements. See how it all comes together with the help of this all in one magnetic tool
  • Cassie Lynch shares this delightful all-occasion card tutorial using the Wendy Vecchi Make Art STAY-tion™, Blendable Dye Inks, and Stamp, Stencil & Dye Sets!
  • Not sure what work surface is best for your project?  Check out this informative video by Simon Hurley where he shares the features and benefits of his favorite work surfaces including the Wendy Vecchi Make Art STAY-tion™. 

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