Dina Wakley MEdia Gloss Sprays vs. Gloss Droppers: A Complete Guide


Dina Wakley Glosses

When it comes to adding vibrant colors and unique textures to your art projects, Dina Wakley MEdia Gloss Sprays and Gloss Droppers are the go-to choices. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the differences between these two artistic essentials and how to make the most of their accompanying accessories.

Dina Wakley MEdia Gloss Sprays and Gloss Droppers: Same Great Medium, Different Applications

Dina Wakley MEdia Gloss Sprays and Glosses are both versatile, opaque acrylic "paints" with a thin viscosity. They share the same formula but have distinct applications and color ranges.

 Dina Wakley Gloss Sprays and Journal Page

Gloss Sprays: These are perfect for creating captivating background washes, adding delightful splatters, and achieving soft, blended effects. They work seamlessly with stencils and masks, allowing you to create interesting patterns. You can apply them through misting, pouring, or using a brush.

Glosses with Journal Pages

Glosses with Droppers: If precise application, dynamic splattering techniques, and bold accents are what you're after, Glosses with Droppers are your choice. These can be applied directly from the dropper for detail work, splatter techniques or you can pour them. For broader strokes, use the side of the dropper or a brush. 

Pro Tip: For inspiring visuals on using Gloss Sprays and Glosses with Droppers, check out these videos:




Color Range:

Available in an extensive array of 44 captivating colors, providing you with a wide selection to match your creative vision. Within this palette, Dina Wakley Gloss Sprays boast an impressive selection of 38 colors, ensuring you'll find the perfect shade for your project. Gloss Droppers come in a dazzling array of six neon-inspired, vibrant colors. What's more, you can seamlessly switch between droppers and sprayers, making it even more versatile and convenient to work with this full range of colors.

For an organized reference, you can download the color chart and labels

Dina Wakley Media Gloss Accessories:

Dina Wakley Media Replacement Sprayers

Dina Wakley MEdia Replacement Sprayers are versatile tools compatible with Dina Wakley MEdia Glosses, Distress Sprays, and Dylusions Ink Sprays. They're perfect for achieving swift and effortless ink coverage on a variety of surfaces. You can use them to spray through stencils, layer colors, and more. Each package contains two sprayers.

Maintenance Tip: To keep your sprayers in optimal condition, be sure to rinse the nozzle with water and wipe it clean after each use to prevent clogging. Additionally, lightly mist the inside of the cap with water and securely recap it for safe storage.

 Dina Wakley Media Droppers

Dina Wakley MEdia Gloss Spray Droppers are invaluable accessories designed for use with Dina Wakley MEdia Glosses. These dropper applicators fit Gloss Spray bottles and are ideal for achieving precise application and experimenting with splattering techniques. Each package includes three droppers for your convenience.

Maintenance Tip: To keep your droppers in top shape, remember to rinse them with water after use if you store them outside the bottle. This will help remove excess paint and ensure they're ready for your next creative endeavor.

In summary, Dina Wakley MEdia Gloss Sprays and Glosses offer a world of creative possibilities. Whether you prefer the soft, blended effects of sprays or the precision of droppers, these products, along with their complementary accessories, open up a realm of artistic expression. Explore their color ranges, experiment with techniques, and watch your creations come to life in vibrant, glossy detail.

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