Dina Wakley MEdia Product Launch

 Dina Wakley MEdia 

Introducing New Products from Dina Wakley MEdia!

Dina Wakley MEdia


Dina Wakley MEdia Kraft Journal 

The Dina Wakley MEdia Kraft Journal includes heavyweight 450gsm kraft paper for mixed media & art journaling. Use with Dina Wakley MEdia Acrylic Paints, Gloss Sprays, Mediums, Gessoes, Scribble Sticks, and more for endless creative possibilities. Journal cover measures 7.75” x 10.25" and pages measure 7.25” x 10”. Contains 60 pages.

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Dina Wakley MEdia Gloss Sprays

Dina Wakley MEdia Gloss Spray is an opaque acrylic spray that dries to a glossy finish. Spray into Media Journals, onto Chipboard Shapes, Media Board and other porous surfaces. Gloss Sprays are water-soluble when wet, permanent when dry. Available in a 1.9 fl. oz. spray bottles, in 6 new colors - Blushing, Sedona. Evergreen, Lapis, Ancient, and Sterling.

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