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 Introducing New Products from Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley!

Dylusions Dyamond Collection

 Dylusions Dyamond Collection

Introducing Dyamond, a brilliant addition to the Dylusions range by Dyan Reaveley. This carefully curated collection of mediums, surfaces, and tools have been designed by Dyan to deliver an irresistible touch of understated glamour. Enhance your creative projects by infusing them with texture, shine, sparkle, and amazing shimmer!


Dylusions Dyamond Rocks

Transform your creative projects with Dylusions Dyamond Rocks, an ultra thick embossing powder designed for creating layered effects. Add color, dimensions, and texture to art journals, mixed media, and paper craft projects with Dyamond Rocks. This versatile embossing powder is designed for use with a range of supplies, including Dyamond Dust, Mediums, Boards, Stamps, and more. Available in 7 colors - Clear, Bubblegum Pink, Island Parrot, Laidback Lilac, London Blue, Pink Flamingo, and Postbox Red.


Dylusions Dyamond Dust

Unleash a world of radiant pearlescent effects with the new Dylusions Dyamond Dusts - specially developed pearl pigments designed to complement Dyamond Rocks, Mediums, Boards, Stamps, and more. With a built-in resin and coordination with Dylusions colors, these pigments offer ease of application, both wet and dry.
Available in 6 colors - Bubblegum Pink, Island Parrot, Laidback Lilac, London Blue, Pink Flamingo, and Postbox Red.

Dylusions Dyamond Mediums offer a clear, slow-drying ink that was meticulously designed for your creative needs. This ink remains wet on various surfaces to allow time for use with Dyamond Rocks or Dust. Available in both a pad and a dabber to provide you with options that suit your creative process.


Dylusions Dyamond Accessories

The Dyamond Collection isn't complete without the Dylusions Dyamond Accessories! Dylusions Dyamond Boards serve as the ideal canvas for Dyamond Rocks, Dust, and Medium. These pre-primed, die-cut boards, available in hexagons, rectangles, and squares, make great additions to journal covers, mixed media and art journaling projects, and more. For a touch of sparkle and dimension, reach for Stickles Stardust Glitter Glue, its easy-flow tip allows for precise and effortless application.
And, for a well-matched brush set, the Dyamond Brushes feature durable synthetics with Bubblegum Pink handles, 
including a thin Faffer for applying Dyamond Dust and a large Fluffer for excess removal.

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