Tim Holtz Distress® Halloween Product Launch

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Introducing a Tim Holtz Distress® Halloween product assortment,
available for a limited time only!

Tim Holtz Distress® Halloween Launch

Tim Holtz Distress® Halloween Mica Stains


Add colorful, pearlescent shimmer to paper crafts or mixed media projects. Mica Stains adhere to paper, canvas, wood, fabric and other porous surfaces. Use with Distress Ink, Oxide, Spray Stain, and Oxide Spray to create colorful, luminous effects and backgrounds. Each set contains three 1 fl oz bottles.  Halloween Set #3 includes Harvest Moon, Burning Ember, and Iron Gate. Halloween Set #4 includes Fortune Teller, Wicked Elixir, and Decayed.

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Tim Holtz Distress® Halloween Grit Paste

Tim Holtz Distress® Crypt Grit Paste is a tinted, translucent paste with black flecks for textured, dimensional effects. Grit Paste can be colorized both while wet or once dried to allow for endless color possibilities. Great for use with Tim Holtz Distress® Palette Knives. Available in 3 fl oz (88.7 mL) jar.

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Tim Holtz Distress® Halloween Crayons

Distress Crayons are formulated to achieve shimmery, vibrant coloring effects on porous surfaces for mixed-media. The smooth water-reactive pigments are ideal for creating brilliant backgrounds, water coloring, smudge effects and more!  Color directly onto your surface and blend with water then layer with Distress Inks or Stains for more creative possibilities. Halloween Set #3 includes Harvest Moon, Burning Ember, and Iron Gate.  Halloween Set #4 includes Fortune Teller, Wicked Elixir, and Decayed.

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Tim Holtz Distress® Halloween Surface

Tim Holtz Distress® Black Woodgrain Cardstock is a textured surface with a two-tone detailed woodgrain embossed design. It is an ideal surface to create layered effects using Distress Ink, Oxide, Sprays, Paint, Crayons, and Glaze.  Woodgrain Cardstock is a heavyweight 113lb surface that maintains its texture when altered.  Includes 10 sheets, each sheet measures 5" x 7".

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