Tim Holtz Distress® - More Colors to Love with Distress

Tim Holtz Distress® New Color Teaser


Ranger and Tim Holtz are very excited to announce more Distress colors to love! It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since Ranger added new colors of Distress, but we’re back with more vintage inspired colors. These new Distress colors will be available in 8 different Distress products - Ink Pad, Ink Re-inker, Oxide® Pad, Oxide® Re-inker, Embossing Glaze, Spray Stain, Oxide® Spray, Flip Top Paint all open stock, plus a NEW Enamel Collector Pin!  We’re looking forward to sharing in the excitement with you and your customers with this colorful approach to delivering new Distress products throughout the year.

Be sure to check back for updates and more information on this highly anticipated reveal! 

Download a copy of the press releases here:


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