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Tim Holtz Distress® New Product Launch

Tim Holtz Distress® Crayon Set 12


Distress Crayons are available in three new colors: Kitsch Flamingo, Salvaged Patina, and Prize Ribbon! Distress Crayons are formulated to achieve vibrant coloring effects on porous surfaces for mixed media. The smooth water-reactive pigments are ideal for creating brilliant backgrounds, watercolor, and more. Color directly to surface and blend with water. Layer with Distress Inks or Stains for more possibilities. Coordinates with the Distress Palette of products. Available in a 3 piece set.



Tim Holtz Distress® Frosted Crystal


Tim Holtz Distress® Frosted Crystal is an embossing medium designed to create a matte frosted texture on cardstock and coated surfaces. Use Frosted Crystal as an embossed foundation for watercoloring with Distress® Crayons, Ink, and Oxide. Jar contains 2.18 oz (62 gr).

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