Adirondack® Alcohol Ink Mosaic Flowers Card By Roni Johnson


(1) Trim several pieces of gloss paper in various widths from 1/8″ wide to 1/2″ wide.

(2) Divide the strips into two groups (flower and background stripe). Apply the following alcohol inks to the flower group: Purple Twilight, Lettuce and Sailboat Blue. Apply the following alcohol inks to the stripe group: Terra Cotta, Peach Bellini and Sunset Orange.

(3) On a plain piece of cardstock, apply a generous amount of glue stick adhesive.

(4) Using the flower group of inked glossy cardstock strips, begin placing the individual strips of cardstock down on the glued piece of cardstock alternating colors between Purple Twilight, Lettuce and Sailboat Blue. Make sure that each strip of inked glossy cardstock is butted up snugly against the last piece so there are no gaps between the strips. Repeat this process on a separate piece of cardstock using the strip set of inked glossy cardstock strips (the orange set). Let these dry completely.

(5) After the glue has dried, use a rotary trimmer to slice the cardstock into strips of various widths from 1/8″ through 3/4″ wide. You will do so by turning the cardstock one quarter turn so you are cutting across the long strips of glossy inked cardstock. You will now have “color sticks” – strips of paper with alternating chips of color down the entire length.

(6) Apply glue to a piece of plain cardstock and begin laying the flower “color sticks” down on the cardstock, again making sure that each piece is snugly against the previous strip. Remember to alternate various widths and colors to create a random mosaic pattern. Repeat using the orange stripe “color sticks.”

Create the Flower Mosaic Card:

(7) Apply Meadow Alcohol Ink to a piece of glossy cardstock. Die cut using the Sizzix Ivy die.

(8) Die cut two large flowers and one small flower from the flower colored mosaic paper created in Steps 1–6.

(9) Cut a 1½” strip from the orange mosaic paper created in Steps 1–6.

(10) Apply Adirondack Alcohol Ink to a 5 x 7″ piece of glossy cardstock. Mount this panel on a piece of 5¼ x 7¼” cardstock.

(11) Glue the orange Alcohol Ink mosaic strip down in the center.

(12) Attach the ivy over the orange strip, mount the large flower in the center using Pop-It Dots, and adhere the two smaller flowers on either side.

(13) Create petals on the flowers and outline the orange mosaid strip using Black Diamond Stickles Glitter Glue. Add a dab of Yellow Stickles Glitter Glue to the center of each flower. Let dry.

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