Be You by Samantha “Scarlyton” Carlton

Hello! I’m Samantha, known as Scarlyton in the art community. Returning with a project for Kraft tags, I’m delighted to show you how I created this tag using Dina Wakley’s new media products. Review the supply list, gather your things, and let’s get going!


Step 1: To begin, I scribbled words across the blank tag using a Black Scribble Stick. I wrote the names of all Dina’s paints as messy as I could. Next I used a palette knife to apply White Gesso over the Scribble Stick. It will slightly smear the text (I prefer it that way!). Just before the gesso dried I added Marine (amazing new blue shade!) with a dry brush, covering the tag.

Step 2: Working quickly, I spritzed a bit of water over the Marine, brushed it on, and applied the Dallops stencil, and used a paper towel to wipe off paint in the empty stencil space. I had some scrap kraft paper with some paint residue on it scattered on my art table so I decided to glue it vertically to my tag. I added Sedona to the strip for a bit more color.

Step 3: Using scrap Cotton Watercolor Paper, I roughly painted it Olive and glued it horizontally across the tag. To further add to my collage element, I used Dina’s new Washi Tape across the watercolor paper. Both the watercolor paper and washi tape hang off the tag. If you haven’t noticed, I really like the messy and unkempt look. Just look at my studio! Or don’t. It’s scary.

Step 4: I added Tangerine to brighten the tag along with Funky Silhouettes and the Ink Blending Tool across the middle of the tag. I originally added embellishments to my silhouettes at the end of making the tag, but for the sake of this tutorial, I suggest you add them now. I outlined the figures using the Stabilo graphite pencil and traced the outline with a fine line brush dipped in water. Finally, I added small dots, outlining the figures again, with the Fudeball pen.

Step 5: Creating more layers for my collage, I cut out a hear from the Collage Paper and the phrase “Be You” from one of the Collage Phrases sheets. I pasted the phrase on top of the heart and used the Fuchsia Scribble Stick to fill in the white of the collage papers. The papers are made of tissue paper so be careful during this process. Lightly apply water with a fine brush to activate the pigment. Glue two strings of burlap thread (I got mine from a page in the Dina Wakley Media Journal) under the heart, paste the heart, and there you have it! Finally, add two more burlap threads to the hole punch at the top of your tag.

Step 6: Using the Olive Scribble Stick, I added circles along the scrap kraft paper strip and on the bottom of my tag. I activated the pigment with water and a fine bristle brush. Feeling like the tag needed more color, I decided to add Fuchsia along the border of the tag. Again, I activated the pigment with a wet brush.

Step 7: If you haven’t experienced the joy and satisfaction of using the Distress Splatter brush, make arrangements to correct that! I dipped the brush in white acrylic ink and splattered it in the blank blue areas of the tag. It was mainly near the top and bottom of the tag. You can’t control the splatter so either cover the areas you want to protect or embrace the uncertainty.

And there you have it. Another fun and relatively simple project! This tag can be used as a gift tag, a greeting card, or you can glue or pin it to one of your blank pages in your Dina Wakley Media Journal. How will you use yours? I’d love to see your creations so tag me on Instagram Instagram (@scarlyton).

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