Clear Fabric Medium Heart Card

Clear Fabric Medium Heart Card

By: Ranger |

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Craft a lovely heart card with Inkssentials Clear Fabric Medium.


(1) Working on the Non-Stick Craft Sheet as a palette, mix together three different paints using Inkssentials™ Clear Fabric Medium with reinkers as follows:
a. Archival™ Pale Ocher reinker
b. Archival™ Vermillion and Adirondack® Pigment Snow Cap reinkers
c. Archival™ Rose Madder reinker
Use a paint brush to apply the various paints randomly across the surface of a torn three inch by six inch rectangle of unbleached muslin. Set aside to dry or speed drying with the Heatit™ Craft Tool.

(2) Once the painted muslin is dry, stamp the heart image on the surface using Maroon Archival™ inkpad.

(3) Working on the Non-Stick Craft Sheet as a palette, mix together a creamy paint using Clear Fabric Medium with Perfect Gold Perfect Pearls. Brush the paint over the surface of a three inch by six inch piece of dressmaker’s pattern tissue. Set the tissue aside to dry. Use the remaining gold paint to paint in one of the center layers of the stamped heart image.

(4) Mix another creamy paint on the Non-Stick Craft Sheet using Clear Fabric Medium and Forever Red Perfect Pearls. Paint the stamped outlines of the heart image on the painted muslin. Allow to dry. Once dry, free-motion stitch a heart shape around the stamped image using a straight stitch on your sewing machine.

(5) Accent the heart by hand-sewing tiny seed beads with embroidery floss. Outline the sewn heart shape with small hand sewn stitches using embroidery floss as shown.

(6) Cut out the heart shape leaving a one-quarter inch seam allowance around the sewn outline.

(7) Tear a three inch by five inch scrap of unbleached muslin. Wet the fabric and dye the scrap using Color Wash in Stream, Denim and Lettuce. Rinse the muslin until a soft pastel hue is achieved. Set aside the fabric to dry.

(8) Working on the Non-Stick Craft Sheet, spritz a vintage French dictionary page with Sunflower Sparkle Perfect Pearls Mist. Dry with the Heatit Craft Tool.

(9) Ink the edges of a fortune cookie fortune and the edges of a five inch by six and one-half inch cream cardstock card base with Antique Linen using the Blending Tool and Foam.

(10) Use pinking shears to cut a four and three-quarter inch by six inch rectangle of natural cotton quilt batting. Use the photo as a guide to layer the various fabrics, lace trim and paper scraps atop the batting as follows from bottom to top:
a. Quilt batting (four and three-quarter inches by six inches)
b. Torn cotton calico print fabric (four inches by five inches)
c. Vintage lace trim (a six and one-half inch length)
d. Gold misted French dictionary page scrap (three and one-half inches by five inches)
e. Colorwash dyed muslin scrap (three inches by five inches)
f. Gold painted dressmaker’s tissue scrap (two and one-half inches by five inches)
g. Fortune cookie fortune
h. White tulle (five inches by six inches)
Pin the layers together.

(11) Use a sewing machine to sew around the perimeter of all of the layers. Use straight and decorative stitches as desired. Be sure all of the layered elements are secure. Trim any overhanging edges of the white tulle.

(12) Determine your placement of the embellished heart as shown and glue a tiny snippet of antique lace to the layered fabric. Lay the heart on top and use a needle and embroidery floss to hand stitch the embellished heart to the layered fabric. Leave a one-inch section open and use the end of a pencil to add a bit of fiberfill stuffing under the heart. When stuffed sew the opening closed.

(13) Adhere the layered and stitched fabric to the card base using Wonder Tape to complete.