Dina Wakley Media Mini Zine by Laura Dame

Prepare to get messy in the most magnificent way! Laura Dame spills her secrets on creating a mini zine with the latest Dina Wakley Media essentials. Embrace the chaos and follow along as she transforms it into a masterpiece using the new stamp, stencils, and transparencies.


My favorite way to test out new products is by making a mess with them! Let’s make that mess, then turn it into a fun little zine that we can flip through.


Step 1: Using Neon Scribble Sticks, make marks and scribbles all over a few sheets of loose kraft paper. 


Step 2: With acrylic paints, add some stenciling in various areas on the papers. Here I started with one stencil and various colors, then added another stencil over top in white. 


Step 3: Using black archival ink, add stamping in various areas on the papers. The point here is to end up with a bit of a hot mess. When we fold the papers, the magic is revealed!


Step 4: Pick one paper to start with. Fold the paper in half in both directions - lengthwise, or like a hotdog, and crosswise, or like a hamburger. 


Step 5: Next, have the paper laying horizontally. Make a gate fold, folding both sides into the middle where they meet. Fold your paper in half again, and then cut along the centerline, stopping at the first fold. Do not cut your paper all the way!  


Step 6:  Lay your paper horizontally again. Now fold the paper in half lengthwise. Push the ends together so that the cut portion pokes out like a diamond. Now fold along your fold lines to make a little book.


Step 7: It’s time to decorate! Use transparencies as focal points, and find phrases from the Typed Ledger Paper. Add them to your zine with staples and Ultra Thick Gel Medium. 


Step 8: Dip a scribble stick in water and flick splatters over the pages. 


Now you have a cute zine that you can keep or share with a friend. And, you have a couple more pages to do it all over again!


Laura Dame Profile Image Hello! My name is Laura Dame, and I have been a mixed media artist for 9 years now. I love to play and experiment in my art journals, and also enjoy dabbling in abstract, collage, and floral artworks. My family and I currently live in Austin, TX, and you can often find us out camping or enjoying nature. You can find me on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram at @lauramixedmedia. Check out my website for more information and artwork. 

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