Distress Choose to Shine Vignette by Paula Cheney

Distress Choose to Shine Vignette by Paula Cheney

By: Ranger |

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Learn how Paula Cheney created this colorful gilded vignette featuring the newest members of the Distress Family: Uncharted Mariner & Distress Foundry Wax.



Hello Friends! I am happy to be here today to share an easy project I created using the newest Distress Color, Uncharted Mariner!  You might think it is a basic blue when you see the bottles, but it’s not!  It has turquoise undertones that come out when wicked with water…think Mediterranean ocean!  It is such a beautiful color!  It mixes well with other strong colors like Picked Raspberry, Crackling Campfire, and Fossilized Amber. I think more experimenting is in order, just to see how it plays with the rest of the Distress family.  I know you will love it as much as I do!


 Distress Choose to Shine Vignette Step 1

Step 1: Use Uncharted Mariner Distress Paint to paint the sides of the largest idea-ology Vignette Box Squares (5.5 x 5.5” x 1.5”).



Distress Choose to Shine Vignette Step 2

Step 2: Once the paint is dry, add a layer of Collage Medium Matte over the paint to seal and give the surface a finished look. Collage Medium Matte dries clear and leaves a nice sheen over the surface. Set aside to dry.



Distress Choose to Shine Vignette Step 3

Step 3: Use Uncharted Mariner Distress Paint to paint one of the organic elements from the Dina Wakley Media Chipboard Shapes -Sprigs. I chose a large one that will cover about 1/3 of the finished square Vignette Box.



Distress Choose to Shine Vignette Step 4

Step 4: Once the paint is dry, use a Distress Embossing Dabber over the surface of the chipboard shape.  Lay the chipboard on a clean piece of scrap paper and pour Uncharted Mariner Distress Embossing Glaze over the top.  Shake off the excess powder and use the scrap paper to slide it back into the jar.  Use an embossing gun to melt the glaze over the surface.  You will easily be able to see the powder melt and turn shiny over the surface.



Distress Choose to Shine Vignette Step 5

Step 5: Lay the glazed element on a craft mat or a piece of disposable paper.  Shake the Foundry Wax bottle until you hear the mixing ball (some colors take more shaking than others).  Pour a dime-sized amount of wax onto craft mat. 

NOTE: Foundry Wax is liquid in the bottle and becomes creamy when exposed to air.  You will need to work quickly before it dries on the craft mat.  Using a small Artist Brush, pick up the Foundry Wax (I used Gilded), and tap the brush handle on your opposite index finger to create splatters across the organic element.  Foundry Wax can be easily cleaned from your brush and craft sheet with Isopropyl Alcohol.



Distress Choose to Shine Vignette Step 6

Step 6: Use an embossing tool or the Ranger Heat-it Tool to heat the Foundry Wax.  The heat creates a chemical reaction and changes the dull gold to a bright and shiny gold in a matter of seconds, depending on the kind of heat tool you use.  Once shiny, the Foundry Wax is permanent and will not scratch off the surface. 

PLEASE NOTE: When you are using Foundry Wax, you must place the bottle away from any heat source or you could solidify the wax inside the bottle.  Just remember to pour out your liquid, re-cap the bottle, and set it to the side, before moving to the heating step of the process.  If you want to learn more about Foundry Wax, please watch Tim’s YouTube Live Video where he gives all the tips and tricks of the product.  The video can be found here: https://timholtz.com/distress-foundry-wax/



Distress Choose to Shine Vignette Step 7

Step 7: Cut a 5.5 x 5.5” piece of Distress Watercolor Cardstock. I will be adding wet mediums to the surface, so Distress Watercolor Cardstock is the perfect surface because it is strong and can easily stand up to multiple layers of ink and water.  Before the addition of the ink, I want to add texture to the surface of the cardstock. I used a Layering Stencil (Codes) and Distressed Crackle Paste Translucent.  Lay the stencil over the cardstock and use a small Distress Palette Knife to pull the paste over the pattern.  Wash the stencil and palette knife right away.  Leave the paste to dry for at least 30 minutes until cracks appear in the paste.



Distress Choose to Shine Vignette Step 8

Step 8: Press multiple colors of Distress Ink onto craft mat (I used Uncharted Mariner, Fossilized Amber, and Picked Raspberry) and spritz with water.  I also lightly spritzed the surface of the paper with water since the Paste is raised and I wanted the ink to flow into the breaks in the paste.  Press paper into ink and pick up.



Distress Choose to Shine Vignette Step 9

Step 9: Repeat the process, drying in-between with a Ranger Heat-it Tool and dabbing the excess ink with a paper towel until satisfied with the result.



 Distress Choose to Shine Vignette Step 10

Step 10: It is very cool to see how the Distress Ink gets into the cracks left by the Translucent Crackle Paste.



Distress Choose to Shine Vignette Step 11

Step 11: Use Collage Medium to adhere the cardstock to the surface of the square Vignette Box.



Distress Choose to Shine Vignette Step 12

Step 12: Add the glazed chipboard element to the surface with Collage Medium.  You may need to place something heavy on top for a few minutes until the element is secure.



Distress Choose to Shine Vignette Step 13

Step 13: Adhere a Sizzix Permanent Adhesive Sheet to back of metallic cardstock.  Choose a sentiment from the Sizzix Bold Text 2 and cut two sets from the Metallic Cardstock.  Peel the Adhesive Sheet from each letter and adhere matching letters together, to make one thicker set of words.



Distress Choose to Shine Vignette Step 14

Step 14: Use the leftover negative cut out as a template for placing letters on the square Vignette Panel.  Peel the adhesive cover back and press letter back into the matching shape.  Once adhered, slowly pull the template from the surface.  Press the letters into place to adhere securely to the Vignette Panel.  



Distress Choose to Shine Vignette Step 15

Step 15: Add Clippings sticker below words to reinforce the sentiment you choose.