“Distress Mosaic” Card By Tim Holtz

Create this fabulous stitched card with Distress Inks™ and found objects!


(1) Create Distress Mosaics using Wrinkle Distress Technique as follows. (*Note: you will need to create a “tile” per color so I start with a larger piece of paper to Distress about 3″ x 3″ and cut it down)

(2) Crumple cardstock squares in your hand one at a time to create a wrinkled texture in the paper – on heavier cardstocks it’s helpful to press in the center with your finger first before crumpling it.

(3) Place paper on Craft Sheet and choose one color of Distress Ink and swipe ink across crumpled paper trying to hit the raised areas of the paper only.

(4) Mist inked paper with water from Mini Mister until inks start to spread out.

(5) Immediately press a hot Craft Iron directly on to wet and inked paper to dry ink and flatten paper.

(6) Wipe Craft Sheet and Iron clean with cloth.

(7) Repeat above steps with remaining 11 Distress Ink colors.

(8) Once all 12 papers are Distressed, cut each piece to 1¼” x 1¼” square. (Note: you will have enough squares of each color to make 4 cards!)

(9) Cut another piece of cardstock to 5″ x 7½” and fold in half.

(10) Adhere Distressed paper “tiles” to a 5″ x 7¾” area of the cardstock with adhesive of choice.

(11) Using Sewing Machine, lay card open and stitch along seams of paper tiles.

(12) Adhere Found Object embellishments to each tile with Glossy Accents. Let dry.

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