Dylusions Flip Cap Paint Journal Page by Jess Peters

In this tutorial, Jess Peters creates a lively, bold journal page using Dylusions Flip Cap Paint, Stencils, and Archival Inks! Follow along as she blend colors and details to create an eye-catching background.

The best part of creating this journal page is the big reveal you get when you can finally remove the stencil. It’s a great reminder to have fun and trust the process!

Step 1: Open to a square grid page in your large ledger journal and tape the large Urchins Stencil to the

Step 2: Using the mini ink blending tool apply a small amount of Lemon Zest through the stencil in the center of the page.

Step 3: Apply Fiery Sunset using the blending tool in a ring around the yellow center. Repeat with Cherry Pie and finish with Cranberry Juice around the edges and corners. Allow to dry completely.


Step 4: Mount the star stamp from the Get Your Rocks On set onto the square stamp block. Using Dylusions Archival Ink in Pure Sunshine stamp through the stencil onto the yellow center. Don’t worry about lining your stars up perfectly!

Step 5: Continue stamping through the stencil using Postbox Red Archival Ink on top of the Fiery Sunset and Cherry Pie rings. Use the Cranberry Juice Archival Ink to finish stamping the stars on top of the Cranberry Juice Paint. 

Step 6: Remove the stencil and admire your work! Use Dylusions paint pen in Black Marble to outline the shapes and draw a border around the page.

Step 7: Paint a separate sheet of the grid paper from your journal with London Blue Paint and splatter some London Blue Paint across the center of your page.


Step 8: Cut the pictured images from the collage sheets. The head and body shapes are from set #3 and the legs are found in set #1. You can find the quote “I’m not saying it’s you, but it’s definitely not me” in the Bigger Back Chat - Black 3.

Step 9: Glue the Images and quote to the page you painted with London Blue. Make sure to cut the bottom portion off the body shape to make it smaller.


Step 10: Cut out all the images and quote and be sure to leave a small blue border around them. Cut a small shape out of the scraps to use for a neck. 

Step 11: Using the Dyary Glue Stick, attach the images and quote to your page to complete it.


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