Dylusions Halloween by Milagros Rivera

Dylusions Halloween by Milagros Rivera

By: Ranger |

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Halloween has always been a treat to me. My husband and I would wear costumes to parties even before our kids were born. Now that we are mainly by ourselves again because the kids are grown this will be our first Halloween by ourselves in 22 years. That inspired me to find a couple I could dress up for Halloween so I Mixed Up stamps and die cuts from the Dylusions line!


Step 1: Begin to create your background by either spraying or brushing your pages. I love to use my brush and I move the ink with bits of water as well. Then proceed to spray some ink on your favorite stencils.

Step 2: Next use your stencils with paint to continue working on your background. Remember to stamp the dirty stencil on other pages to maximize the use of inks and paints.

Step 3: Once it’s dried, stamp your spider web with Archival Ink directly on your background. You can also use the stencil for a further dramatic factor! Then stamp your elements on paper using Archival Ink, fussy cut and glue to your pages. Dyan’s Collage Glue Stick will be your best friend!

Step 4: I love using the Ink Sprays as watercolors with a brush. That’s how I painted my pumpkins! These stamps are so versatile I’ve even used them as coral on mermaid pages and now Dyan used them as ornaments on a Christmas tree!

Step 5: It’s time to dedicate some love to the people. I doodled to change the dress into a polka dot skirt and gave his shirt some stripes to match the hat. I also doodled on her bun! Finish it up with a sticker sentiment or a stamped one.

Step 6: I’ll refuse to be an adult on Halloween and I’ll dress up how about you?