End of Day Alcohol Ink Hard-Core Art Panel by Sharen AK Harris

Alcohol Ink Artist, Sharen AK Harris, shares a step-by-step painting tutorial on a Tim Holtz® Alcohol Ink Hard-Core Art Panel. This versatile, lightly textured surface is the perfect substrate for Alcohol Ink. Learn easy techniques for creating beautiful landscapes.


Tim Holtz® Alcohol Ink Hard-Core Art Panels are one of my favorite substrates. A huge reason is that you can lift off back to white with alcohol or Blending Solution and a paper napkin and there is no staining. It also has a fantastic texture like a high-quality linen-textured canvas, along with a soft glisten which adds another dimension to your final artwork. There is no rippling to the surface and it is adhered very well to a Masonite core.

Alcohol Ink Hardcore Art Panel Painting Step 1

Step 1:  Apply a thin layer of Aquamarine Alcohol Ink and alcohol. You can always go back and apply more for a more dramatic effect, and lift off for more clouds. Leave some white areas towards the bottom for the sunset. If you go too far not to worry, you can lift right off with alcohol and a napkin.

Alcohol Ink Hardcore Art Panel Painting Step 2

Step 2: Add thin amounts of Sunset Orange to give the warmth and mood of the sunset. Again, you can apply more depending on the effect you’re after.

Alcohol Ink Hardcore Art Panel Painting Step 3

Step 3:  Using an up and down stroke, paint with Bottle to give the feeling of trees in the background of the marsh. You can add some Aquamarine to your green to cool the color and push areas back that are far away. Apply some horizontal strokes in front of the trees to give the appearance of marshlands. Keep the marsh area light because it is reflecting the light of the sky.

Alcohol Ink Hardcore Art Panel Painting Step 4

Step 4: Add more darks using Bottle to direct the viewer.

Alcohol Ink Hardcore Art Panel Painting Step 5

Step 5: The boat is basically a rectangle and a triangle in the front.  Use the flat brush to lift off and apply as needed for the boat.  I like to mix a little Sunset Orange and Aquamarine mix for a soft dark and dulling agent in the boat and reflection.

Alcohol Ink Hardcore Art Panel Painting Step 7

Step 6: Pull little reflected strokes in the water for texture with Aquamarine, but not too much- it is a quiet painting.

Alcohol Ink Hard-Core Panel Painting Step 7

Step 7: Add some reeds and grasses with Bottle,then add a sea rose bush on the left by dancing little strokes with the small round brush using Bottle. I then added some dots of Sunset Orange for flowers on the bush. Using your dirty round brush add more grasses.  The warm color will bring the grasses closer.

Alcohol Ink Hard-Core Art Panel Painting Step 8

Step 8: Using a small round brush with I pull the mast, lines to the buoy and boom with Sunset Orange. Apply a little Aquamarine on top of the orange mast to darken in areas. Make sure your ink isn’t too juicy. Add some Aquamarine for the fastened sail.  I also added some light strokes to the water with the reflected colors around the area. The buoy is Sunset Orange I added a mix of Sunset Orange and Aquamarine on the bottom for contrast and shadow.

Alcohol Ink Hard-Core Panel Paining Step 10

Step 10: I wanted to add more light in the lower right so I applied a little alcohol and blotted with a napkin.  You get lovely texture and light.

Alcohol Ink Hard-Core Art Panel Painting Step 11

Step 11:Your beautiful finished masterpiece!

Remember, you want your darkest darks and lightest lights near the center of interest.

Sunset Orange is warmer than green and green is warmer than blue for bringing areas forward.

Don’t be afraid to play and mix color it is a great way to learn how color works and that’s when the magic happens.

 Sharen AK HarrisBorn an artist in Lynn, MA, Sharen AK Harris is a self-taught artist for the most part but was influenced by outstanding art instructors throughout her life. Sharen received her certification with the National Society of Decorative Painters.  Studies included classes in Portugal and France in 2007. Sharen is proficient in several mediums and uses each skillfully to achieve the poetic romanticism which she is known for.  “I paint when I sculpt and I sculpt when I paint. I get such joy sculpting and painting and coming up with new ideas, but everything is related to my life and the world around me. The only thing I love more than doing art and loving my family and friends is teaching art. I want everyone to experience the joy of doing successful art work.”

Sharen teaches workshops and demonstrates for Ranger Ink teaching new artists the magic of Alcohol Ink. Sharen has a studio in Arizona where she paints and sculpts great works of art.

Follow Sharen on Facebook at Sharen AK Harris Fine Art or visit her website www.sharenakharris.com

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