Faded Fragments by Tim Holtz

Faded Fragments by Tim Holtz

By: Ranger |

Tags | Tim Holtz® Distress

by Tim Holtz


Step 1: Apply various colors of Distress Oxide to Craft Sheet by pressing pad onto the surface.

Step 2: Generously spray inks with water to create droplets of color.

Step 3: Press tag into inks – do not swipe.

Step 4: Dry inked layer with Heat Tool.

Step 5: Tap tag into remaining ink droplets on Craft Sheet and dry with Heat Tool.

Step 6: The layered Distress Oxide ink begins to create an oxidized look.

Step 7: Mist stencil with water.

Step 8: Wipe away water from outer edge of stencil.

Step 9: Place stencil water side down on to inked tag and blot with paper towel to press the stencil pattern on to the tag.

Step 10: Remove the stencil and blot wet ink from the tag.

Step 11: The wet stencil lifts the Distress Oxide color creating a faded effect.

Step 12: Stamp image with Archival Ink.

Step 14: Adhere tag to folded cardstock and embellish.