Faux Birthstone Druzy Pendant by Kelly Kronowski

Create dazzling faux druzy birthstones when combining ICE Resin, ICE Resin Tints and German Glass Glitter. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use ICE Resin® to create these stunning faux stone necklaces.


Step 1: Choose a rock to mold. Using the ICE Resin Molding Putty create a silicone mold of the rock by mixing together equal parts white and grey putty. Mix together, until putty is a uniform color and no white striations or swirls remain; about 1 minute. After mixing, immediately form into a ball and press rock into putty to create impression and form a wall around rock. Rest for 10 minutes to harden. Flex mold and remove rock.

Step 2: Mix ICE Resin® according to instructions. Mix ICE Resin according to package directions. Divide into individual cups if making multiple colored pendants. You will need approximately 1/4oz of resin per mold depending on size of rock. I’ve used a 1.0” w x 1.5” h rock. Add 1-2 drops of ICE Resin Tint to each cup and mix to colorize resin. *Note this is a great way to use up any yellowing resin.

Step 3: Once resin is hardened, mix another batch of ICE Resin. Select German Glass Glitter in the color or birthstone of choice. Add a small amount of glitter to mixing cup. Slowly drip in ICE Resin into the Glass Glitter and mix until glitter looks like the consistency of wet sand. It is important not to add too much ICE Resin. You want the glitter to still have texture once cured. If you’ve added too much resin to the glitter, simply add more glitter. Don’t see a German Glass Glitter color in your birthstone? Tint Silver German Glass Glitter with ICE Resin Tint of choice by mixing 1-3 drops of Tint to glitter first.

Step 4: Keep the cured resin rock in the silicone mold. Add the ICE Resin and Glass Glitter mixture to the top of the cured resin rock using a Stir Stick. Keep the mixture confined to the edges of the rock as best as you can. The glitter mixture should appear lumpy and not perfectly smooth. For a more textured effect, sprinkle a small amount of dry Glass Glitter to the top. Allow to harden 8-10 hours.

Step 5: Once hardened, gently flex the mold and remove the cured resin druzy. Any rough or stray edges can easily be cut with scissors and gently sanded.

Step 6: Using a paintbrush, paint the back and sides of the pendant with Vintaj Metallic Patina (I chose White Gold). Allow to dry. For best results, use two coats.

Step 7: To add color variation or an ombré effect to the faux druzy, drip a 2-3 drops of ICE Resin Tint onto the stone in a coordinating color. Blot with a paper towel to blend.

Step 8: Using a small amount of resin or strong glue add a pendant bail to the back of the pendant. Allow to hardened or dry. Slide pendant onto chain or cord of choice.

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