Gel Printing Tutorial by Milagros Rivera

Gel Printing Tutorial by Milagros Rivera

By: Ranger |

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I’ve been experimenting with my Gel Plates for quite sometime and I wanted to dive into using Alcohol Inks in my pulls. There’s magic in bringing out a stamp when you print as well as seeing how a stencil transforms your work. Dina’s stencil and masks are great for this!


Step 1: Begin by creating a background. Brayer your paint over the circle gel plate and stamp directly on the paint. This will create a ghost impression on your cardstock once you apply it directly on the paper. Repeat with another color and another stamp I used Buff, Olive and Peacock.

Step 2: On the bigger plate put your silhouette stencil and over it add a second stencil to create a pattern. Pour various colors of alcohol ink and brayer over them. The Alcohol Inks will dry but you’ll be able to activate the colors and pull the print by carefully applying acrylic paint to your brayer and go over your design. I used buff paint for that! Remove the stencils, put your paper and pull a print.

Step 3: Add more stamping and stencils to create interest. Use a pencil to scribble inside the silhouettes. Put the mask on top and using your fudeball pen draw the outside lines of them and then scribble inside! Add a quote over your silhouette using gel medium.