Heart and Soul Art Journal by Renae Davis

Heart and Soul Art Journal by Renae Davis

By: Ranger |

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Renae Davis is back to show you how to use the abstract backgrounds she made from Dylusions Ink Sprays and Shaving cream in her last tutorial into an art journal project. Pull out those bright and vibrant backgrounds and get ready to make them into a new mixed media work of art!


Dylusions Heart and Soul Journal Page Beauty Shot

In our previous Ink-Spray Shaving Cream Backgrounds project, we made a bunch of different abstract backgrounds using Dylusions Ink Sprays. In this project we are going to put those luscious beauties to good use in an art journal project.

Dylusions Heart and Soul Journal Page Step 1

Step 1: You will need three backgrounds from the previous shaving cream project we did. Choose two backgrounds that are similar in color to make a unified complete background for this art journal layout. Choose one background that is opposite in color that will contrast on top of the other two backgrounds. I chose two blue/purple backgrounds and then one pink/teal background.

Dylusions Heart and Soul Journal Page Step 2

Step 2: Glue down the two similar color backgrounds onto the pages of the art journal for a double page spread. Cut off the excess around the edges. Be sure to save any leftover scraps for another inky project!

Dylusions Heart and Soul Journal Page Step 3

Step 3: From the other background, fold the paper in half and trace a big heart onto the crease. If you’re not confident in your heart drawing abilities, you can search for one on the internet to trace. Cut the heart with scissors and save the leftover scrap pieces for the next step. 

Dylusions Heart and Soul Journal Page Step 4

Step 4: With the leftover pieces, draw and cut out even more hearts of different sizes. You can use a variety of stencils, stamps, or even heart shaped punches for this. Cut out as many as possible from this sheet.

Dylusions Heart and Soul Journal Page Step 5

Step 5: Glue down the biggest heart with Ranger Multi Matte Medium in the middle of the layout. Glue the remaining hearts around the bigger one making sure you are distributing the various sizes evenly around the layout. As you're placing the hearts, place them where there will be the most visible contrast so the hearts will stand out and not melt away into the background. Example- I placed the mostly white hearts on the darkest blue part of the layout rather than placing them on the part of the top corner of the layout where there is a lot of white.

Dylusions Heart and Soul Journal Page Step 6

Step 6: Using an Ink Blending Tool, swipe along the edges of the journal layout pages with Dylusions Black Marble paint. Using a paint brush or a Dylusions acrylic paint pen, trace along the edges of all the hearts with Dylusions Black Marble paint to not only make them stand apart from the background but to also help unify the theme of the scattered hearts across the two pages.

Dylusions Heart and Soul Journal Page Step 7

Step 7: Transfer a small amount of Black Marble paint onto a craft work surface with a paintbrush. With the Distress Sprayer, spray 2-3 sprays of water into the paint to dilute the paint for a more fluid and workable medium suitable for splattering. Using a paint brush, splatter the diluted paint across the two pages.

Dylusions Heart and Soul Journal Page Step 8Step 8: Choose a couple of Dylusions shimmer sprays that match the colors in your layout to splatter across the pages. Concentrate on the black and/or dark parts of the layout to achieve the most contrast with the shimmer sprays. Seen here are the three colors of Laidback Lilac, Peony Blush and Blue Lagoon.

Dylusions Heart and Soul Journal Page Step 9
Step 9:
Due to the nature of the shimmer sprays, the shimmer pigment part of the spray will not be clearly visible until completely dry. Use a Heat Tool to speed up the process if necessary. *Blotting up the excess ink will result in losing the shimmer pigment of the spray.*

Dylusions Heart and Soul Journal Page Step 10

Step 10: Using an Ink Blending Tool and the Dylusions Modern Script stencil, lightly blend Wendy Vechhi Watering Can Archival ink or a similar light color over the stencil onto the biggest heart in the middle of the layout. Any script-like alpha stencil or stamp will work for this.

Dylusions Heart and Soul Journal Page Final

Step 11: At this point, you may love your layout as is and don’t want to add anything else. Awesome my friend! You’re good to go! If you want a little something else then feel free to add words, phrases and/or quotes to the layout using stickers, quote chips, stamps, collage pieces or some of Dina Wakley’s lovely tissue quote squares featured here.


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