ICE Resin® Prickly Heart Necklace by Milagros Rivera

Milagros Rivera shares how she was inspired by nature to create this ICE Resin® Prickly Heart Necklace. Follow along in this step-by-step tutorial and see how easy to is to incorporate natural materials into your resin work.


There is a small tree that grows from Mexico through South America. It produces a seed called annatto that is used to give color in recipes. The seed also gave a pigment that our Taino Indians used to paint themselves. This seed is encapsulated in a very cool seed pod.  To me it looks like a prickly heart! I bet you can find a very cool looking seed pod to work with ICE Resin! The important detail to remember is that it has to be totally dry to work with the resin. 


Step 1: Once you harvest your chosen seed, make sure it is completely dry. Using organic matter with ICE Resin® is very cool as it lets you wear a piece of nature! 

Milagros-Rivera-ICE-Resin-Prickly-Heart-Necklace_Step 2

Step 2: If you have followed my tutorials for a while you know I’m a big fan of using the ICE Resin® mixing cups to give me the perfect pendant. It’s especially important for you to know that in order to have the perfect pendant slip out of this mold without a hitch use a brand new cup to pour previously mixed resin. The next day all you have to do is pop it out of the cup and your pendant is done!

Milagros-Rivera-ICE-Resin-Prickly-Heart-Necklace_Step 3

Step 3: Mix a batch of ICE Resin® according to the package instructions. I pour resin for the width of the pendant I like. You can go thicker or thinner. The cool thing about an ICE Resin® Pendant is how lightweight it can be. 

Milagros-Rivera-ICE-Resin-Prickly-Heart-Step 4

Step 4: This seed bleeds, I don’t mind that because I use it to grind pigment. So I think in a way it’s kind of cool how it reacts with the resin. Just make sure you’re cool with your experimentations!

Milagros-Rivera-ICE-Resin-Prickly-Heart-Necklace_Step 5

Step 5: I use a Dremmel Tool to pierce a hole in my pendant. It goes so quick and easy.

Milagros-Rivera-ICE-Resin-Prickly-Heart-Necklace_Step 6

Step 6: Then with a second batch of resin I wait close to 40 minutes for it to be a very sticky consistency. This will help me use it as glue.

Milagros-Rivera-ICE-Resin-Prickly-Heart-Necklace_Step 7

Step 7: With the sticky resin as my glue, I wrap my pendant with jute to help me with the organic look.

Milagros-Rivera-ICE-Resin-Prickly-Heart-Necklace_Step 8

Step 7: Finally, I thread and wrap wire to create my bail. To create the necklace measure and cut your desired length. Put a dab of ICE Resin Leather Adhesive inside the End Caps, the grab is so perfect. It only takes 15 minutes for the glue to work its magic and grab the leather to the metal! Use a pair pliers to open the jump rings and closure.


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