Lilac Alcohol Ink Painting by Sandy Sandy

by Sandy Sandy


Step 1: Place dots of Sunshine Yellow and Alcohol Ink Blending Solution on the Alcohol Ink Applicator, with a felt square. Tint the background by moving the tool back and forth over the Yupo paper with a light pressure until a smooth, uniform tint is achieved. If it’s not blending enough, add a couple more drops of Blending Solution to the felt. If you want more color, add more ink.

Step 2: Add one small dot of Amethyst and one small dot of Raspberry Ink with a slightly larger dot of Alcohol Blending Solution to the Mini Ink Blending Tool with ½ of a felt square attached.

Step 3: Only one small drop of Amethyst and one small drop of Raspberry with one larger drop of Alcohol Blending Solution created all this texture and color! Experiment with building up the ink by dabbing and pouncing, using the tool flat and on the edge. Keep turning the tool in different directions as you go. If it is too dark, try adding a little more Blending Solution to the felt. The dryer the felt becomes, the smaller the dots will be. Use a
paper towel as a tester and blotter if you need to remove some ink or solution. Just keep
going until you reach your desired results. A dot of ink makes it darker and a dot of
Blending Solution will make it lighter.

Step 4: I added a couple of drops of Meadow ink to the Meadow inkwell of my Tim Holtz Palette. Dip and wiggle the Blending Pen into the well to pick up the reconstituted color.

Step 5: To keep track of the colors, I made a chart on Yupo paper with the names of the inks and swatches of all colors corresponding with each well in the palette. I adhered it to the back side of the cover with a glue stick.

Step 6: Starting with the brush end of the Blending Pen, after dipping it into the Meadow well;  add some loose, leaf-like shapes around the stamped, lilac-like blossoms. As the ink  gets diluted by the Blending Solution in the pen, variations of value and color occur.

Step 7: After adding the leaf shapes with the brush end of the Blending Pen (the end with the white strip), use the bullet end of the Blending Pen to add darker value color and details with the Meadow ink.

Step 8: After adding the leaves, clean the Blending Pen off by dabbing and wiping the ends on a paper towel until clean. Add a few more dark values and details with the bullet end of the pen dipped in Raspberry ink and then followed by the Amethyst ink.

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