Merry Christmas Dyalog Spread by Milagros Rivera

Milagros Rivera shows you how to combine Couture Stamps with Dylusions Christmas Image Sheets to make this fun and whimsical Dyalog layout.



Merry Christmas Dyalog Spread Step 1

Step 1: Begin by creating your background. Shake your spray and for a controlled application use a Mini Ink Blending Tool with Foam. Desert Sand shines in black!


 Merry Christmas Dyalog Spread Step 2

Step 2: Decide which images will fit better with your chosen stamps. I wanted to do male and female so I snipped the face of the cherry print dress and the dude in hohoho. Fussy cut. 


 Merry Christmas Dyalog Spread Step 3

Step 3: Since I’m using the black Dyalog, I’m stamping on Kraft. Ever since I got the new Journal and Dyalogs with Kraft paper. I’m a bit obsessed with a neutral palette.  There’s something about a restrained amount of color that makes the images stand up!


 Merry Christmas Dyalog Spread Step 4

Step 4: Don’t waste anything! The back of the fussy cut images stamps absolutely beautiful and makes for great accessories!


 Merry Christmas Dyalog Spread Step 5

Step 5: Using the cutting mat clean your stamped images so the background shows in between the arms and the legs


 Merry Christmas Dyalog Spread Step 6

Step 6: Choose the appropriate shoes, the first page with the three gnomes makes for perfect footwear and stockings



Merry Christmas Dyalog Spread Step 7

Step 7: Glue your pieces directly to the page. This part is completely optional but I was in the mood for cutting so I made a border fussy cutting this borders and then decided to add the Christmas tree in sections to make for a taller tree.

I didn’t take pictures of me doodling in white but that’s what makes the difference in the clothing.

What looks like Kraft is Desert Sand on the horns etc using a paint brush. 


 Merry Christmas Dyalog Spread Alternate 1

Here’s another example of using the same colors and the same materials on the Kraft journal


Merry Christmas Dyalog Spread Alternate 2

Here's another example with a little bit of color added

Let me know if your favorite is neutral or with a pop of red and have fun creating! 



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