Metal Foil Tape Picture Frame By Arlene Stump

Use Inkssentials™ Metal Foil Tape Sheets, Adirondack Alcohol Ink and Stickles to create a modern frame for a special photograph.


(1) Set out the Non-Stick Craft Sheet on work surface.

(2) After trimming photo, Grungeboard, black and gray cardstock to above sizes, adhere the two 5″x7″ pieces of black cardstock to the 5″x7″ Grungeboard front and back with Wonder Tape. Use Craft Pick for easy removal of pink portion of Wonder Tape and set aside.

(3) Apply Copper Metallic Mixative to Alcohol Ink Applicator and dab slightly on outer edges of the photo. Dry with Heat-it Tool. Adhere the photo to the Gray cardstock with Wonder Tape and set aside.

(4) Trim foil to the above size. Insert in embossing folder and run through the Vagabond machine. Trim ¼” off each side.

(5) Color circles with Alcohol Ink using the Ink Applicator Tool. Let dry.

(6) Squeeze a small amount of Stickles to your finger and apply each color to a circle. Put aside foil until completely dry.

(7) Take stylus and dry emboss around each circle.

(8) Use decorative punch twice on white gloss paper ATC. Dab a small amount of Silver Alcohol Metallic Mixative to punched pieces. Dry with Heat-it Tool.

(9) Adhere the foil piece to the Plum cardstock by removing the protective paper from the back of the foil.

(10) Adhere the punched pieces to the short sides of the black cardstock with Glossy Accents.

(11) Tie both ribbons to the Muse Token. Trim with Kushgrip Snips.

(12) Apply Muse Token and Sprocket with a small dab of Glossy Accents and apply to top and bottom corners of photo.

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