Mona Collage Card By Tim Holtz

Create a wonderful, textured collage card using Distress Embossing Powders™ and Distress Inks™!


For Embossing in Color:
Apply Distress Embossing Ink to stamp. Stamp image.

(2) Shake Distress Powder in jar.

(3) Begin with one color and grab a pinch of powders.

(4) Gently “twist” your fingers together to allow powder to lightly fall over area you want that color.

(5) Repeat with additional colors until image is covered.

(6) Hold paper/tag level off of the table and tap repeatedly with two fingers to allow excess powders to fall off. *DO NOT HOLD ON END OR COLORS WILL MIX!!!

(7) Save excess powders in an empty jar as “party mix”.

(8) Heat embossed image with Heat-It Craft Tool – this is a little trickier to know if it is embossed so take your time – the color of the powder will change in tonal value and should feel like sandpaper when cool vs. sand on the beach.

(9) When image is completely embossed – allow to cool.

Instructions for Distressing:
Once embossed image is COMPLETELY COOL, gently rub image to remove the special “release crystals” using your hand (DO NOT PUT THE CRYSTALS BACK INTO THE POWDER JAR!!!).

(2) For an even more distressed look, scrape away more!

Instructions for Inking:
To give your embossed image even more distress, apply Distress Inks to Cut n’ Dry Foam piece.

(2) Rub inked foam in circular motion beginning on craft sheet and pull ink on to paper to fill inside the image.

(3) Use Cut n’ Dry Foam to ink the edges of paper as well. Work from light to dark colors to make image pop.

Instructions for Card:
Stamp “m” on to folded cardstock with Distress Ink.

(2) Ink edges of cardstock with Distress Ink using Cut n’ Dry Foam.

(3) Adhere embossed Mona to card.

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