Monoprint Card By Bonnie Egenton
Monoprint Card By Bonnie Egenton

Monoprint Card By Bonnie Egenton

By: Ranger |

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Create a colorful card with a dreamy, metallic effect in minutes.


(1) Cut White Gloss Paper into 4 sheets – 4¼” x 5½”

(2) On Non-Stick Craft Sheet, apply a random squiggle of Adirondack Metallic Mixative in Copper. Note: Touch the bottle tip to the Non-Stick Craft Sheet and lightly lay out the squiggle. This controls where the ink lands; no need to squeeze the bottle.

(3) Add Adirondack Alcohol Inks in drops, lines, dots, etc. over the metallic inked area. Note: Touch the bottle tip to the Non-Stick Craft Sheet to lay drops, lines and dots. This controls where the ink lands.

(4) Take a piece of the Gloss Paper – GLOSS SIDE DOWN – and place onto the inks on the craft sheet and press. Twist in one direction and remove. It dries almost instantly.

(5) For a second generation print, place Blending Solution over the remaining inks and make another print on a piece of Gloss Paper in the same direction or try twisting in different directions. Now you have two monoprints for use in two cards.

(6) Stamp image over the monoprint background with Archival Ink and let dry.

(7) Take another piece of Gloss Paper. Place a piece of felt on the Alcohol Ink Applicator. Apply a row of Copper Metallic Mixative, a row of Pearl Metallic Mixative, and a row of Silver Metallic Mixative on the felt and immediately start pouncing the Alcohol Ink Applicator onto the Gloss Paper on the Non-Stick Craft Sheet. Change the direction of the pouncing frequently to keep the technique random. The Gloss Paper will dry almost immediately and you will have a cool Metallic Mixative background paper.

(8) Trim the stamped monoprint and layer onto trimmed gray cardstock. Layer the gray cardstock onto the Metallic Mixative background paper (trimmed if needed).

(9) Cut lavender cardstock in half and fold one portion into a card. Adhere the monoprint layers to the card.

Tip: Clean off the remaining inks on the Non-Stick Craft Sheet by applying Blending Solution and wipe with a paper towel. Quick and easy!

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