Perfect Medium™ Tulip Card By Robin Beam

Perfect Medium™ Tulip Card By Robin Beam

By: Ranger |

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Create an elegant, pearlescent painted card using Perfect Medium™ and Perfect Pearls™!


(1) Ink rubber stamp with Perfect Medium™ stamp pad (this medium has a long open time so it makes the “perfect” embossing ink).

(2) Stamp inked image on matte black cardstock.

(3) Sprinkle on chosen embossing powder; shake off excess and place back in jar.

(4) Emboss image with Craft Tool; set aside.

(5) Since you are creating a number of paints, use the Non-Stick Craft Sheet as your palette!

(6) Use a wet brush to pick up some Perfect Pearls™ pigment powder. Mix into a paint on the Craft Sheet. To make a more opaque paint, use less water; to make more translucent, add more water.

(7) Paint in the image. Think of it as a stained glass image.

(8) To create tones of color, add Interference colors for some “pop”; to tone down an image, add in some of the Aged Patina colors. To lighten a color, add the Perfect Pearl pigment powder from the Metallic palette.

(9) If using a water brush, just squeeze it into a paper or cloth towel to clean before using a new color.

(10) When the paint is dry, it’s fixed!