QuickCure Clay Cuff by Milagros Rivera

In this tutorial, Milagros shares how she combines black QuickCure Clay with Perfect Pearls to create a DIY cuff bracelet.


QuickCure Clay Cuff Step 1

Step 1: Nestle the clay between two pieces of parchment paper and use a rolling pin to roll it flat.

QuickCure Clay Cuff Step 2

Step 2: After rolling, mark the space where the cuff will be and then stamp straight into the clay.

QuickCure Clay Cuff Step 3
Step 3:  Using a craft knife, cut the piece of clay according to the outline.

QuickCure Clay Cuff Step 4
Step 4: Use a bronze cuff blank to shape and cure the clay. Don’t fret, when it cools it will pop out of your blank as QCC doesn’t adhere to metal.

QuickCure Clay Cuff Step 5
Step 5: If you’d like to add a dangle or charm now is the time to create the hole. Cure according to the package instructions. 

QuickCure Clay Cuff Step 6
Step 6: Once it is cured, brush the clay with the Perfect Pearl or QuickCure Clay Pearlescent Powder color of your choice. Set the color with a mist of water and they’re ready to wear! 



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