Shine Card By Lisa Dixon

Shine Card By Lisa Dixon

By: Ranger |

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A unique, creative use of Sticky-Back Canvas for card-making!


(1) To make the canvas paper (adapted from a technique by Mixed Media artist Beryl Taylor), cut a six inch square of Sticky-Back canvas. Remove the paper backing and place it sticky-side up onto a Non-Stick Craft Sheet.

(2) Tear or cut squares and rectangles of old book text pages in various sizes and cover the entire surface of the sticky-back canvas. Don’t overlap the papers, small gaps between the pieces is recommended for a more pliable finished result. Press each piece firmly onto the canvas to remove air bubbles.

(3) Cut six to eight strips of white tissue paper about two inches wide and six inches long.

(4) In a small disposable cup, mix together water and Matte Multi-Medium to a heavy cream consistency. Brush a layer of the diluted medium over the entire surface of the collage canvas and then place the tissue paper strips across the surface. Overlap the strips as you go and lightly brush with the diluted medium. Be sure to remove air bubbles and work carefully as the wet tissue is very fragile. If you have leftover tissue, tear bits and pieces and add them to the collage for added texture.

(5) Paint over the collage using Gesso and allow to dry.

(6) Use the Non-Stick Craft Sheet as a palette to dilute Sable Brown paint with water. Paint a light wash over the canvas paper and blot off excess with a paper towel.

(7) Cut a three and three-quarter inch by five inch rectangle from the canvas paper. Lightly pencil a heart shape approximately two inches by three inches in size. The heart shape should be centered vertically and about three-quarters of an inch from the top of the canvas. Cut away from the inside leaving a heart-shaped cutout frame in the canvas. Back the cutout with a two and one-half inch by three and one-half inch scrap of vintage ledger paper.

(8) Use the Non-Stick Craft Sheet as a palette to mix Modern Red, Blank Canvas and Dash of Red Studio Paints to a bright pink color and paint a six inch by nine inch rectangle of Sticky-Back Canvas with the pink paint. Let dry.

(9) Cut four one-half inch by six inch strips of the pink canvas. Peel away the backing and use the strips to create a one-quarter inch border frame around the canvas paper. Cut off any excess border strips at the corners.

(10) Use a paper piercer to pierce sewing holes about one-quarter inch apart around the heart shape and sew a running stitch around the heart using brown embroidery floss.

(11) Attach the canvas to the center of the polka-dot card base.

(12) Print “Shine” sentiment onto white cardstock. Cut out word, ink the edges with Vintage Photo Distress Ink and adhere under the heart-shaped cutout.

(13) Cut seven strips from the pink painted canvas for the larger coiled embellishments. They should measure one-eighth inch by eight and one-half inches.

(14) Cut sixteen strips from the pink painted canvas for the smaller coiled embellishments. They should measure one-eighth inch by four and one-quarter inches.

(15) Roll a bamboo skewer along the clear embossing pad so that the rolled canvas does not stick onto your skewer when it’s time to remove the coil.

(16) Remove the paper backing from a strip of the pink canvas, place the canvas strip on the skewer and begin to roll it onto itself. Continue to roll and coil the canvas strip on the skewer, keeping the edges aligned and when you reach the end of the strip add a dab of Multi-Medium to secure the end. Remove the coiled canvas from the skewer. Repeat this process for all of the thin canvas strips.

(17) Use Glossy Accents to adhere the coiled strips. Vary the placement of the small and large coiled strips inside of the heart-shaped cutout. Add crystals and rhinestones to the centers of the coils using Glossy Accents to complete the card.