Summer Adventures Dyalog Cover by Kristi Nazzaro

Summer Adventures Dyalog Cover by Kristi Nazzaro

By: Ranger |

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Add your own artistic style to your Dyalog with the unprinted, No Limits Dyalog Cover! In this tutorial, Kristi Nazzaro shares how she decorates her cover to create a travel journal to document all of her summer adventures.  The Gel Plate, Dylusions Stencils, and Dylusions Paints bring the cover to life with bold pops of color perfect for summer.

Summer is here!  Summer is FINALLY here!  I’m going to show you how to make the Dylusions White Cover into a colorful, fun, place to keep all your summer adventures.

Dylusions Dyalog Summer Adventures Step 1

Step 1: Begin by adding Dylusions Periwinkle Blue and Calypso Teal to a 9” x 11” Gel Plate using a plastic palette knife.  Use your brayer to ensure the entire plate is covered with paint.

Dylusions Dyalog Cover Summer Adventures Step 2

Step 2: Press the Dylusions Dyalog Cover randomly onto the Gel Plate.  Don’t worry about covering the entire surface evenly.  Move the cover around.  Lift up and press down in random sections and add paint to the Gel Plate as needed. Build the layers of paint on your cover until you can no longer see any white space.

Dylusions Dyalog Cover Summer Adventures Step 3

Step 3: A fun tip is to add stencils on top of your Gel Plate and press the cover onto the stencil only to leave an imprint of the stencil. I used the flower from the Border It Stencil on mine.  Don’t forget the inside cover too.

Dylusions Dyalog Cover Summer Adventures Step 4

Step 4: Allow the cover to dry for a bit. Then add circles from the Stencil It Set in Bubblegum Pink randomly on the cover. My favorite way to add stencils is using a white make up wedge. I like to add the stencils and then cut off the tip of the makeup wedge to change colors. I never realized how much use you get out of one makeup sponge.

Dylusions Dyalog Cover Summer Adventures Step 5

Step 5: Next add some flowers using the same technique.

Dylusions Dyalog Cover Summer Adventures Step 6

Step 6: Who doesn’t love making a mess? Load up the Tim Holtz Distress Splatter Brush with White Linen and let the paint fly. Truth be told I did this step outside. And really glad I did because I went Jackson Pollock on this cover and paint was EVERYWHERE. Let the cover dry completely.

Dylusions Dyalog Cover Summer Adventures Step 7

Step 7: Add additional marks using a paint brush dipped in Dylusions Black Marble and Dina Wakley Lime. 

Dylusions Dyalog Cover Summer Adventures Step 8

Step 8: Use a white paint pen to make circles around the outside of the pink stencil circles.

Dylusions Dyalog Cover Summer Adventures Step 9

Step 9: I keep scraps of everything in my stash. Scraps of torn fabric and ribbon. Scraps of paper. Using an alphabet stamp set and Black Archival Ink, stamp a sentiment on to a piece of scrap fabric. I stamped “Summer Adventures” and used small stamps from the “The Full Package” Dyalog Stamp Set.

Dylusions Dyalog Cover Summer Adventures Step 9

Step 10: Then arrange additional torn pieces of fabric under the sentiment and stitch it on the cover with a sewing machine.  I love the way the string from the stitching is left long. Stitch some other torn fabric on the back cover.  During this step I went completely overboard and just stitched everything – the border of the cover, all around the sentiment, the torn pieces of fabric on the back cover – all the while not a straight line of stitching to be had.  I like to stitch freely without worry of trying to make everything straight and uniform.  I enjoy wonky stitches in my art.  I don’t want to fret over the lines being straight or uniform.

Dylusions Dyalog Cover Summer Adventures Tip

I would like to mention that if you do decide to add the torn fabric tabs on the back cover – keep in mind where the elastic will rest when you have the Dyalog closed and secured.  Leave yourself enough room so it doesn’t wrinkle or bend your fabric tabs.


Step 11: Add your Dyalog inserts and you are ready to GO!

Dylusions Dyalog Summer Adventures Cover Step 12

Step 12: Once I added my inserts I tied pieces of the Ice Resin Sari Ribbon to the outside for some extra color.

Dylusions Dyalog Summer Adventures Cover Beauty 2

Thanks for stopping by. Keep an eye out for next time when I show you quick and easy ways to record your summer memories.


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  • Judy Samson on

    Kristi, I love all your tags and this journal is awesome. Thank you for sharing your lovely work!!

  • Val on

    Love learning your processes and this piece of art is just beautiful, as always, dear Jersey friend!!! Your creativity knows no bounds!

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