UTEE Winter Wonder Card By Suze Weinberg

UTEE Winter Wonder Card By Suze Weinberg

By: Ranger |

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Make this frosty and fun holiday greeting card with UTEE and Wonder Tape!

  • Store Bought Embellishments
  • Snowflake Cookie Cutter
  • Loose Prisma Glitter
  • Cardstock

(1) Make a 6 x 7 card.

(2) Layer card with various pieces of cardstock.

(3) Cut out three snowman shapes or use ones you find in store made of heavy card or chipboard.

(4) Glue first snowman to layered card.

(5) Place Pop it Shapes on snowman and put second snowman over first.

(6) Cover third snowman completely in Wonder Tape. (HINT: Trace shape on the white side of the Wonder Tape sheet to make a pattern.) Carefully remove tape.

(7) Sprinkle Black UTEE on just the hat area. Heat. Repeat one to two times, then stop.

(8) Sprinkle White UTEE on the rest of the snowman and heat it till you see bumpy texture making it look like snow. Use foam tape or dots to place over second snowman.

(9) Add store bought embellishments.

(10) Melt White UTEE in the melting pot and pour onto craft sheet. Place cookie cutter into hot UTEE and sprinkle in loose glitter. Repeat for as many snowflakes as you like. Glue down.

(11) Add real twigs from trees in your yard!