Video Tutorial | Texture Paste Silhouette Canvas

Visitors to the Ranger booth at CHA in January fell in love with the colorful textured canvas Make and Take we offered.  We are excited to share the project with you too!  Today we have Debbie Tlach from Ranger demonstrating the project.  You will find the supplies and written instructions below and also a link to download a printable version of the instructions.  We hope you will love it as much as CHA attendees did!

Ranger Ink: Texture Paste Silhouette Canvas


Working on top of the Ranger Craft Sheet, use a Ranger Paint Dabber to cover top and sides of canvas with paint. Dry with a Heat It Craft Tool. Die Cut a Dragonfly from Tim Holtz® Idea-ology Mask Sheet, using the Tim Holtz Vagabond and the Layered Dragonfly Die. Cut small pieces of tape, make small rolls, sticky side out and adhere dragonfly to the canvas. Using a palette knife or the short smooth side of the Texture Tool, cover the top of the canvas (with mask attached) with a thick layer of Texture Paste. Use the #1 Texture Tool to firmly comb through the Texture Paste, from one side of the canvas (manipulating the tool to make wavy lines) to the other. Firmly grab the mask by a piece that protrudes from the side of the canvas, and carefully pull it straight up and off the canvas. Run the smooth edge of the Texture Tool along the edges of the canvas to remove excess paste if needed. Use the brush or handle of the paintbrush to clear excess paste from the canvas. Scrape the excess Texture Paste from the mask and return it to the jar. Wipe dragonfly mask clean. It can be re-used if cleaned after each use. Clean Texture Tool with water. Let Texture Paste air dry or carefully dry it with Heat Tool. Keep the tool about 6” -10” away from the canvas & keep it moving across the surface making sure not to concentrate the heat in one area. Once the Texture Paste is thoroughly dry, ink a Mini Ink Blending Tool with foam attached with the Ranger Lemon Twist Dye Ink Pad. Apply the color around the dragonfly as indicated in the photo in the center area on the Texture Paste around the dragonfly. Change the foam on the Mini Ink Blending Tool and ink with a different color Dye Ink Pad and Ink around the edges of the canvas on the Texture Paste. (See photo) Download a printable copy of these instructions: Ranger Ink: Texture Paste Silhouette Canvas

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