Class in Session by Ranger: Dina Wakley MEdia Acrylic Paint

Class in Session by Ranger: Dina Wakley MEdia Acrylic Paint


Class in Session by RangerThe Dina Wakley MEdia line is a comprehensive collection of mixed media and art journaling tools and accessories designed and curated by Ranger Signature designer, Dina Wakley. Known for her colorful, expressive style- Dina's work strikes a balance of "artsy" and "classic". The MEdia line launched in 2014 and included a core product category- Acrylic Paint.  Specially formulated to Dina Wakley's specifications, MEdia Paint remains an important part of her line with its growing color palette and versatile properties. 

Dina Wakley Acrylic Paint

Did you know?
 Dina Wakley Media Acrylic Paints are available in 32 richly pigmented colors plus 5 metallics
• Paints are heavy-bodied to hold peaks and brushstrokes 
• Paint can be thinned with water to be used like fluid paint and for watercolor techniques
• Paints dry to a satin, workable finish


Dina Wakley Media Paint Colors

Dina Wakley Color InspirationInspiration Behind the Palette
Dina's broad palette ranges from a mix of bold, vibrant colors to rich earth tones and everything in between!  Dina's love of the ocean is evident in her broad spectrum of blues and greens while succulents and the Arizona desert were the inspiration behind her latest pastel additions. 
Color Confidence with Dina Wakley
Color Confidence with Dina Wakley
With many colors to choose from, it might be difficult to select the right color palette for your project which is why Dina created Color Confidence with Dina Wakley. Color Confidence provides you with basic color theory knowledge and the tools you need to select the perfect Dina Wakley MEdia paint colors every time! 
In this video, Dina Wakley takes you through her Color Confidence guide and shows the best ways to pair Dina Wakley MEdia colors to create stunning pieces of art that will pop!
Color Theory 101 with Dina Wakley
•Analogous colors are neighbors on the color wheel. They are guaranteed success because they won’t make mud. They can be a bit dull, though. Interest comes when you add a color from the opposite side of the color wheel. 
• Complements are across from each other, make mud when they mix, but give maximum contrast and pop. 
• Dina's personal color working theory is to use analogous colors and then add small quantities of complements to make it interesting. She rarely adds complements in the same wet layer. 
Dina Wakley Media Pouring Medium
Dina Wakley MEdia Pouring Medium and Cell Creator
The Dina Wakley Media Pouring Medium and Cell Creator is a system that changes the viscosity or thickness of paint so it can be poured to achieve colorful sheets, puddles, marble, and flow effects.  Dina's paints are instantly transformed from a heavy bodied consistency to pourable color that floats next to each other. Dina Wakley Media Cell Creator changes the density of your paint mixtures to create isolated variations in the colors, commonly referred to as “cells” in pours. One drop of cell creator helps cell creation when colors are agitated together. 
Pouring and Color Theory
For pouring, color theory still applies. However, because the Pouring Medium prevents the paints from over mixing at first, you can use opposites together. They may turn muddy if you stir them up too much. Another important consideration for pouring is value. Value is the lightness or darkness of a color. Make sure you have both light and dark colors so your pour has maximum impact. Colors of all the same value create can create a dull pour. The Color Confidence guide can also help when selecting colors for pours.

 Still not sure about Acrylic Paint Pouring? Check out Dina's fun and educational video on this popular paint medium!

Inspiration & Ideas

Dina Wakley Media

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