Air Blown Alcohol Ink Flower by Kimberly Deene Langlois

In this video tutorial, Kimberley Deene Langlois shows you how use the Tim Holtz® Alcohol Ink Blower to create this beautiful soft-flowing flower with  Alcohol Pearls, Mixatives, and Alcohol Inks.



Step 1: Apply a few drops of yellow Alchemy Pearl Ink to the Applicator Tool, blot it off on a paper towel, and then begin stamping the ink on top of the stencil to create a background on the black cardstock. Do the same with the pink Intrigue Pearl ink until you’re satisfied with the background.

Step 2: Drop a circle of Boysenberry Alcohol Ink onto the paper and let it dry.

Step 3: Drop Snow Cap Mixative along the edge of the Boysenberry, add a few drops of alcohol, and then use the blower tool to blow the ink outward to create a petal. Do that all the way around the purple “Boysenberry” center. You can go around again to create layers of petals if you’d like. Note that the more alcohol you use, the more transparent the petals will be.

Step 4: Put Snow Cap in a palette and use a micro dental/makeup tool to begin creating the center. Remember to think about where the light is coming from and make that the brightest area. To create nice dimension, it’s best to have the transition from light to dark very gradual. You can pull the fuzzy tip off the tool and drag it through to center to create texture and the look of little stamens.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions.


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