Back to School Teacher Stationery Set by Cheiron Brandon

Hi there. It’s Cheiron here with a fun back to school stationery set for one of my favorite teachers (who also happens to be my sister). I know that a lot of work goes in to getting the kids ready to go back to school, but their teachers are working hard too and this fun notecard box and letter holder would be a fun happy addition to any teacher’s desk. It would not be complete without a set of inspirational cards to give away to her students.


Step 1: To make the box for my notecards and letter holder, I decided to repurpose some boxes I had picked up on clearance at a home décor store. The patterns were not very pretty, so I decided to make my own. I prepped them by adding gesso to both pieces.

Step 2: For the box, I began by putting some Ocean and Lime paints down onto my craft sheet.

Step 3: I then used one of the stamps from the Funky Journal stamps set to create a pattern on the box. To stamp with the paint, I used the Ink Blending Tools with foam to apply the paint. Dab some paint onto the tool, then dab the tool off onto the Craft Sheet, then use the tool to apply the paint to the stamp before stamping.

Step 4: Once the pattern was complete, I covered the bottom of the box with Dina Wakley Media Tape.

Step 5: To cover the letter holder, I created some deli paper with the same pattern as before, by stamping the shape from the Funky Journal Shapes in Ocean and Lime paint.

Step 6: While the deli paper dried, I covered the letter holder with the Dina Wakley Media Tape.

Step 7: I then collaged my stamped paper on two panels that would fit into the letter holder using Distress Collage Medium.

Step 8: Now it’s time to make the notecards that will go in the box. I cut some notecards to fit in the box, then cut card front panels. I used Archival Inks in Vivid Chartreuse, Vibrant Fuchsia, Paradise Teal to coordinate with the paint colors I already used.

Step 9: I used the “you can do hard things,” “I believe in you” and “you are wonderful” sentiments from the Just to Say What along with some fun shape stamps from the Funky Journal Shapes, Sketched Fronds and Scribbly Leaves and Pods sets to make my cards. This is a fun and easy step that the kids could help out with if you want to get them involved in creating a gift for their teacher.

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