Be Strong Mixed Media Card by Jenn Shurkus

by Jenn Shurkus


Hello Everyone! It’s Jenn Shurkus again from I am wicked exited to be sharing on the Ranger Blog again!

For today’s card I shared a sneak peek the other day on Instagram because I was just having so much fun “styling” this girl!

Using a palette knife spread some Blackberry Violet Dina Wakley Media paint here and there on a sheet of Distress Watercolor Cardstock. Don’t put too much thought into this just be sure to go off the sides and leave some whitespace

Working quickly, so that the paint is still wet. Lay the Dina Wakley Media Pebble Heart  stencil over the wet paint and rub with a baby wipe. Wipe in the areas there are paint and also the white areas. Since your baby wipe is picking up some of the paint it will transfer onto the white areas of the cardstock as well. Note: you can gesso your cardstock before doing this step but I chose not to this time. I wanted the texture to be a bit softer. Experiment with both ways.

Using the same Pebble Heart Stencil. Stencil in some paint. I used a mix of Dina Wakley Media Turquoise and Lemon Paint. I stenciled in one heart, heat set, then did another. I ended up with 3 hearts on the background. Note: Using a dry brush for this is best, and you don’t need a lot of paint. Dina Wakley’s paint brushes are awesome for this because they are a stiff bristled brush.

Stamp one of the girls from the Dina Wakley Media Positive Girls stamp set. Use Black Archival ink and stamp her once on Kraft Cardstock and once on an old dictionary page. Note: I picked up an old dictionary at a used bookstore. The spine is 4 inches thick! I just keep tearing pages out when I need them.

Squeeze out a little palette of Dina Wakley Media Paint. I used Lapis, Magenta, Ruby and White to add coloring to the face (see below) and Umber, Tangerine and Lemon to color the hair (see below)

I added some color to her eyes, cheeks, lips and hair. I also fussy cut out her clothes from the dictionary paper.

Using the Ranger Collage Glue Stick adhere her dictionary page clothes to the Kraft Cardstock stamped image. I then watered down some Blackberry Violet paint and added color to her shawl. I wanted it to be more like a watercolor so you can see the text through it.

Stamp the girl one more time with Archival Ink on the card background.

Add some hair paint to the card background. Fussy cut out the girl from the Kraft Cardstock. Since there are a lot of scribbles on the edges of this image I don’t worry about those too much when I am cutting her out as they will still show up on the stamped image on the background.

Using the Ranger Collage Glue Stick adhere her to the card background. Using the Fude ball pen add in some of those “scribbles” we lost when we painted her in. I also traced around her a bit.

Generously dab some Clear Rock Candy Distress Stickles to her shawl. Set aside to dry. Once dry adhere the background to a card (folded size 4.25×5.5).

Note: I didn’t add a sentiment to this card. I was struggling with a creative way to do so that it didn’t get lost in the background etc. All cards don’t need a sentiment on the front. Now I will have a black card that I can stamp any sentiment needed on the inside!

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