Dina Wakley MEdia Encouragement Tags by Megan Whisner Quinlan

Megan Whisner Quinlan shows you how to use Dina Wakley MEdia products to create an artful tag deck that provides you with some soothing encouragement both while you are making this project and after it is complete.


Do you ever feel like somedays you just need a little push or encouragement to get you going? With all that we are facing right now, sometimes there are days where we might need that extra something to help us focus and get through the day. That’s where this Encouragement Tag Deck comes into play. On those days when you need it, you can pull one of these cards out to get you recentered and ready to face your day. Follow along to learn how to make these fun cards with some beautiful images and words from the Dina Wakely Collection.  


Step 1: Spread some Turquoise and Cheddar Acrylic paint on the front of all the tags loosely, and leaving plenty of white space. Allow to dry throughly.  


Step 2: Stencil some marks onto the tags in a random placement using the same colors to create more texture.   


Step 3: Repeat the same process on the backs of all your tags with Magenta and Chedar. Stipple all the fronts and backs of the tag edges with the Turquoise Acrylic Paint.   


Step 4 : Go through your Dina Wakley Cling Stamp Sets and stamp images and phrases and your Collage Sheets. In this project we started with the Change and Ledger Girls stamps. However, you’ll find there are many encouraging phrases throught the entire Dina Wakley collection that are great for this project. Find the images that speak to you and really have fun as the project can grow as you add tags to your binder clip.  


Step 5: Here is where you can really have fun and use your imagination to build your encouragement tag deck. Combine your encouraging phrases with images on your tags. Add some doodles and paint splatter to flesh out your tag. Edge your cards with Ice Stickles to add a little sparkle and pizazz to your tag.  


Step 6: Once dry, add your tags to the binder clip. Add some random ribbon bits and Ice Resin Sari Ribbon to your clip to create more interest for your deck.    



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